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Age of Fantasy is a single-page miniatures game set in a dark magical world, designed to be easy to learn but hard to master. The game is played with 40-50 models per army, giving you big battles that can be played in 60-90 minutes.

Age of Fantasy Cover Art

Background Story[]

Since the beginning of time, daemons used to roam the earth and terrorize any being they came across, until one day a mighty human king trapped the havoc gods in a magical orb and banished all daemons underground. There they waited patiently for the return of their masters, itching to go back to the surface and spread chaos again.[1]

When the king died his arrogant and greedy twin sons fought for the throne and broke the orb, causing the great rift to open across all of Tyria. From this rift, endless hordes of daemons started rising and brought back the chaos and terror that once ruled over Tyria under the grinning smiles of the havoc gods. The twins, now without a throne, went on to form kingdoms of their own, the Vampiric Undead and the Mummified Undead. [2]

The rest of humanity is split into various Humans factions, such as the great comet empire, the desert sultanate of the south, the dragon kingdom of the far east, Duchies of Vinci, Chivalrous Kingdoms, and Kingdom of Angels.

In the north, the Havoc Gods have corrupted human tribes to fight for them as Havoc Warriors, whilst the Rift Daemons are pouring out of the abyss. They also have the corrupted Havoc Dwarves fighting for them.

Dwarves used to be peaceful traders until the Orcs invaded their lands and imprisoned them. Eventually they managed to free themselves, and split into more factions, like the Volcanic Dwarves and the Sky-City Dwarves.

The elves all used to live in the Great Forest, but eventually split up, with greedy High Elves taking over coastal regions and vicious Dark Elves becoming pirates. Only the Wood Elves remain in the forest. Legend says that the Deep-Sea Elves are descendants of early elves that were banished from the great forest because of their maliciousness.

There are many other factions, such as the Saurians who protect the jungles, the Ratmen who are endlessly invading human cities, and the Ogres who are migrating toward the Great Rift looking to fight some daemons.


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See Age of Fantasy/Special Rules for the Universal Special Rules and Age of Fantasy/Faction Specific Rules for Faction Specific Rules

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