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Alien Hives are a faction from the Grimdark Future universe.

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Background Story[]

Throughout the galaxy vast armies of non-sentient alien species seek to devour everything in their path. Alien Hives usually consist of multiple types of evolutionarily advanced species working together in symbiosis. Common forms of Alien Hives include insectoid and reptilian species.

It is unclear where the majority of these Alien Hives originate from and what their numbers are. Some even speculate that they might actually be bio-engineered races created by another advanced civilization sent to soften up the Sirius sector before the main battle force arrives.

Their armies have a high variety of unit types and as such can attack in many different ways. Some of the most common strategies are large swarms of basic grunts or a focus on large creatures and monsters.

These fleets pose a serious threat to all species of the galaxy, but if they bleed we can kill them!

Play Style[]

The alien hives are capable of switching between hordes of chittering gnats and hulking monstrosities. To maximize your army involves finding a sweet spot between these two areas, as both have very visible weaknesses - the mobs can get blasted to oblivion and the big guys become very attractive to anyone with Deadly.

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