Why Play Battle Brothers[edit | edit source]

The battle brothers are a very powerful army that offers few weaknesses. Each member is resilient and has access to plenty of weapons to cover any weapons. Each of them can be relied on to pull off their assigned role without issue.


  • A majority of your army is very heavily armored.
  • A high amount of customization when including the specialized Detachments.
  • Your entire army is Fearless.


  • Your forces are expensive.
  • Your troops lack Tough, so high AP weapons can very easily wipe out a unit of Brothers.
  • You only have one Psychic model. Some forces add more, but you'll be paying a pretty penny for that.

Army Special Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Shield Wall: Models with shields are harder to hit, with enemies shooting at them taking -1 to hit.
  • Veteran Training: Models with this rule get a +1 to hit in both melee and shooting. This makes them very strong. This also tends to be an expensive upgrade for any unit that takes this.

Psychic Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Blurred Sight (4+): One enemy unit within 12" takes -1 to hit with shooting. Vital for protecting your troops from heavy weaponry of any kind.
  • Psychic Terror (4+): One enemy unit within 12" takes 2 AP 2 hits.
  • Cursed Ground (5+): An enemy unit within 18" that attempts a charge loses 6" to their charge distance next time they charge. Note that this won't save anyone from a charge if they're too close, but it will prevent any long-range gambits.
  • Cerebral Trauma (5+): One enemy model within 12" takes a single AP 3 hit. Pretty much all you can ask for when sniping a hero or heavy weapon.
  • Time Passage (6+): One friendly unit within 12" can immediately move 6". This gives you a desperate escape button or possibly an easier charge.
  • Lightning Fog (6+): Two enemy units within 6" take 8 hits each, making this hell for mobs of grunts.

Unit Analysis[edit | edit source]

Heroes[edit | edit source]

  • Captain: Your gold standard when it comes to Heroes. He's heavily customizable to fit out any mix of shooting (which you can milk out with Relentless granting extra shots) or melee without any issue. They can also grab Veteran Infantry and either Advanced Tactics to add +3" to the unit's shooting and charging ranges or War Chant to give Furious and make charging deadlier.
    • Shooting: The basic assault rifle (or pistol) pretty much give you only one shot, nothing else. If you stick with the default assault rifle, you can buy it an attachment for a gravity rifle (for Rending), flamethrower (for a bunch of attacks), plasma rifle (for good AP) or fusion rifle (for overkill). If you instead go for a pistol, you can replace that with a gravity pistol (for Rending), a plasma pistol (for good AP) or a storm rifle if you just want a doubled-up assault rifle. If you're going all-in on melee, you can instead replace that with a Shield for Shield Wall.
    • Melee: If you just don't care about shooting or defense, you can buy either a heavy chainsaw sword for a bunch of attacks at AP 1 or twin energy claws for a good number of AP 1 Rending attacks. If you're taking the pistol, you can then replace that CCW with either an energy sword (AP 1 and Rending), energy fist (for tank-piercing AP 3), energy hammer (AP 1 and Deadly 3 so you can flatten elites) or chainsaw fist (energy fist but you're doing four attacks instead of 3)
    • Personal Upgrades: Battle Brother leaders are quite capable of going into multiple roles. The destroyer armor gives very blatant defensive boosts with +3 to Tough and Ambush so your captain won't immediately get shot up. The jetpack gives Flying and Ambush, especially useful since Firefight focuses more on verticality. The combat bike is more mobile in the traditional sense, as it grants Fast and Impact 1 (good for melee) while also carrying a twin assault rifle so you have some sort of shooting.
  • Champion: Take your Captain, chop off 10 points and Relentless and you get your Champion. They can be useful in plugging up any options that your captain didn't take or dedicate them to be the choppier since they don't have Relentless to incentivize shooting.
  • Engineer: Don't be fooled by the name; these guys are your medics for any tough units you drag along, including other Heroes and Destroyers. You should be wary of the limits of the Repair ability, as it only heals a single wound on a single Tough unit within 2" on a 4+. This replaces the options for special rules captains get, but you can otherwise peruse their list of weapons and personal upgrades as you see fit.
  • Psychic: Your most expensive heroes, but they also provide you with your lone psychic casting. Alongside the other upgrade lists open to other heroes, you can also upgrade him to Psychic 2 for extra power.

Infantry[edit | edit source]

  • Pathfinders: A cheap unit, but also your flimsiest so you need Strider to get to cover quickly. Alongside all the basic weapon upgrades they can also buy either Camo Cloaks for stealth or Forward Sentries so they can ambush enemies. They also have possession of a sniper rifle so they can pick off units at their leisure.
  • Battle Brothers: The baseline for your force, meaning a walking tank. Your brothers have the widest selection of weapons available, spreading almost any manner of weaponry. On top of this, you can also buy either a Banner for Fear or Medical Training for Regeneration.
  • Assault Brothers: Same cost as Battle Brothers, but now with two CCW attacks and a pistol. These guys aren't as well-versed with their weaponry, but you can buy some extra melee weapons and some another plasma pistol. These brothers can also pick up jetpacks so they can get Ambush and fly as well, giving them good mobility to go with their punch.
  • Support Brothers: These brothers lack the option for Veteran Training, but you do get Relentless (gaining an extra attack for every 6 you roll to hit while shooting) and the option to pick any heavy weapon you want.
  • Brother Bikers: Cheaper than Battle Brothers, but also in a smaller unit size. Each comes with Fast and Impact 1, so melee is a viable option. If you're going for shooty, you can give an extra attack to your assault rifles or upgrade some of them with more interesting guns.
  • Pathfinder Bikers: Take a bike, give it the Pathfinder's flimsy 4+ defense and add Scout. Though it lacks the sheer weight of options, you can still give each bike twin assault rifles or grenade launchers for some flexibility in firing.
  • Support Bike: A bigger bike strapped with a a heavy flame thrower and a Tough and Impact value of 3. Honestly, you shouldn't be using this for close combat, because that means you can't be firing the big gun (and if flamethrowers aren't your deal, you can take a heavy machine gun for long range or the fusion rifle so you can have fun with Deadly).
  • Destroyers: Incredibly expensive and equally tough. Each one comes with Tough 3 to tank blows and you can use Ambush to protect them from heavy damage. Their weapons are no joke with AP 3 energy fists and 2 attacks on their storm rifles. If that doesn't suit your fancy, then you can buy the team energy claws for Rending or hammers and shields for Deadly and Shield Wall. You can also pick up a set of Cyclone Missiles for very long range bombardment, but this does cost a good lot to an already expensive unit.
  • Heavy Exo-Suits: Superheavy infantry, packed with Slow and twin flamethrowers for an insane 12 attacks. Its other weapon options are a mix of either massive attacks or deadly attacks and you can buy either an assault rifle array (for 6 extra shots) or a grenade launcher for extra punch. If you're dead-set on melee, you could also buy combat drills for AP 4.

Detachments[edit | edit source]

Blood Brothers[edit | edit source]

The Blood Brothers are remarkably choppy and fast, with Furious being available for only 5 points for most of your troops (10 for exo suits and destroyers).

Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Very Fast: Fast +1. Your units now move 12" and can run or charge 24", making them incredibly mobile. You can buy this on all of your tanks and speeders for a modest 10 points.
  • Do note that Furious tacks with the War Chant ability of the Captain/Champion. This can increase to an absurd degree the number of attacks on a charge.

Psychic Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Fear (4+): Enemy unit within 12" suffers a loss of 3" to its next movement. It's trading off Cursed Earth's range for a penalty that's always on.
  • Lance (4+): Enemy model within 12" takes an AP 2 hit. Compare with Psychic Blast.
  • Quickness (5+): Friendly model within 12" may immediately charge up to 6", making this a godsend when you get it off on that pack of very angry death brothers.
  • Blood Curse (5+): Two enemy units within 6" take 6 hits each. Essentially Lightning Fog.
  • Break Shields (6+): Enemy unit within 12" takes a -2 to their next defense roll, giving an extra AP 2 to any attacks you make. Especially useful if you want to guarantee death.
  • Rage Burst (6+): Enemy unit within 12" takes 3 AP 3 hits. It's essentially a focus-fire Cerebral Trauma.

Unit Analysis[edit | edit source]

  • Blood Priest: Your stand-in for the Champion with Furious applied. In exchange however, you can't buy Battle Rites or War Chant, instead being limited to the Holy Chalice. This is tailor-made for your build, as it's adding +1 to any unit's melee attack and regeneration rolls.
  • Death Brothers: A serious price jump when compared to base brothers, but you get Regeneration and Furious, making them ideal company for the Blood Priest. Other than that, you can just consider them seriously angry assault brothers. If you have a captain guiding them instead, Battle Rites is a far more useful buy.
  • Guardian Brothers: Even more expensive assault brothers with jetpacks nd furious built in. They come with plasma pistols available at no cost, but you're very limited otherwise. Your only weapon options are the fusion pistol, energy sword, or energy fist. You could also grab a banner if you want to throw Fear in as well.
  • Blood Tank: A battle tank with a flamethrower cannon (or twin miniguns). Other than that it's pretty much identical to the base tank including the option for Very Fast with the exception that you have flamethrowers instead of laser cannons as add-ons.
  • Blood Walker: See that walker? It now has two fists, fear and Furious. If you want Rending in place of high AP you can instead slap on Blood Fists for free. You can also buy a frag launcher for an extra weapon, but the standout here is Psychic. Yes, you can add another Psychic model and make it a towering walker of death.

Guardian Brothers[edit | edit source]

The Guardians are incredibly hardy, with a lot of units packing Regeneration on top of their saves. However, this drives up the costs of all your units considerably and making your generic units like them is going to seriously limit what you can field. However, you also get another perk: The Sisters, whom can all block psychic powers despite not casting at all. The sisters are only as tough as pathfinders

Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Anti-Psychic: Your sisters can all buy the option to block psychic powers despite not casting. It's a very advisable buy if you want to take down a psychic-heavy army.

Units[edit | edit source]

  • Custodian Captain: A very durable hero with a dual-purpose spear-rifle that's more effective than a mere CCW and pistol. If that's not your style you can instead grab a sword-rifle for shorter-range shooting but Rending melee, an axe-rifle for poisoned melee attacks or an energy lance for pure melee with Impact 1. You can also grab a shield for extra defense, a jetbike for mobility and another source of Impact or Destroyer armor for extra tanky. Be wary that this all comes at the cost of being able to actually synergize with your other forces, so you need to make sure they won't be relying on anything while in the thick of battle.
  • Great Sister: A flimsier hero, but more than capable of synergizing where the Custodian Captain cannot. However, she also has to dedicate between melee with her energy sword (which makes Furious a desirable buy) or shooting with either flamethrower of prosecution rifle with a CCW (thus making Relentless a pick). In either case, you can instead grab Scout for advance movement instead of Relentless or Furious. On top of that, you can also buy for a unit bonus of +1 to either melee attacks or shooting attacks...or buy both at the appropriate price.
  • Custodian Brothers: Incredibly expensive, but very durable. The unit also has the option of spear-rifles, sword-rifles or axe-rifles like the Captain, and can grab shields for protection and a battle standard for Fear on top of your really strong weapons. You'll be wanting that protection badly, since you cannot afford to lose any models.
  • Custodian Destroyers: Custodians in destroyer armor make them obscenely expensive, but Tough 3 and Regeneration is a hard combination to deny. While you're limited to only spears and axes and lack shields, you can grab wrist-mounted grenade launchers to mitigate mobs and you can equip a standard of your own. You absolutely want to make use of Ambush so you can get right into the mix with your fabulous weapons.
  • Custodian Jetbikers: These bikes have strider, and are therefore better. However, you're trapped with only energy lances unless you pony up for assault rifle arrays (which can become fusion missiles for even more points). You'll be wanting to make use of the combined impact values if you decide to spring for bone stock.
  • Vigilant Sisters: All come armed with energy swords, and therefore are Furious. Don't let them get hit, toss them into an APC.
  • Prosecution Sisters: Sisters with Prosecution rifles and Relentless. Don't keep on the front lines, especially without cover.
  • Hunter Sisters: These sisters have flamethrowers and Scouts, so you want them to make sure their flamethrowers hit the enemy at the worst possible time.
  • Custodian Walker: A super-buff Tough 12 walker with heavy minigun and fist. Sadly, the only thing you can do is make that minigun into a heavy fusion rifle, which limits its usefulness when the stock walker can grab so much more.

Dark Brothers[edit | edit source]

The Dark Brothers don't specialize in any particular form of combat, but instead focus on holding on no matter the odds. They will not break as easily.

Special Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Dark Assault: This adds onto Ambush by making you able to deploy them on any round you wish, adding to your strategic game of dropping in troops. However, this is only available to Destroyers and Heroes, limiting its value.
  • Grim: This unit isn't only Fearless, it's so fearless that if it fails a morale check you can roll another d6 to make it pass instead on a 4+. Unlike the prior rule, this is more widely available to your forces.

Units[edit | edit source]

  • Interrogator: Make an Champion and replace their option for Battle Rites or War Chant with Fear and Grim. Though they won't be able to support your forces as directly as a base captain, you can use a melee-tooled interrogator to help tip melee battles.
  • Dark Destroyers: Insanely expensive compared to the stock, but you get both Grim and Dark Assault, allowing them to pop in wherever and whenever you want. They also have access to plasma cannons, giving them an answer to any Brother-tier squads out there.
  • Destroyer Knights: These Destroyers have shields and wicked maces with rending, meaning that they need an avenue of delivery. If you feel keen on charging, you'll be wanting to take a heavy flail for Impact 3.
  • Black Bikers: See those bikes? They're now Grim. They also have the option for twin plasma carbines or grenade launchers, both quite handy though you can't grab the other guns. In exchange, you also get to buy some stronger melee weapons.
  • Shroud Speeder: Your speeder traded off a weapon for Grim and Stealth. You also can swap that heavy machine gun for a minigun if you so please. The lone upgrade here is the Dark Shroud, which gives two friendly units within 6" Stealth when they're shot next, and considering how your men are made for hanging on rather than killing, you want that protection.
  • Vengeance Speeder: This speeder has a plasma cannon and Grim, making it better for artillery made for countering armor. Oh, and you still have either the heavy machine gun or minigun for more massed enemies.
  • Dark Gunship: Superheavy weapons ship over here. Its two exclusive weapons are both blasts with AP1, ideal for chunking lower-tier mobs with disdain. If you feel like ruining someone's day even further, may I introduce you to the twin assault rifle array, dishing out 12 hits on top of everything else.
  • Angel Jet: A dogfighter with some light weaponry. Without upgrades, it only has AP 1 for all its guns, though you could also buy a twin laser cannon so it can punch more heavily-armored foes.

Knight Brothers[edit | edit source]

While the Guardian Brothers have to rely on auxilia sisters to block off spells, the Knight Brothers can pull it off themselves without such an absurd price hike, while your exclusive choices also come with storm rifles. This also comes with the perk of being able cast by themselves, which gives you some well-needed support on casting.

Special Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Aegis: Your entire army can block powers as if they were psychic. In the case of Psychics, they instead get a +1 to block. This is available to all your infantry choices.

Psychic Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Ward (4+): Enemy unit within 12" suffers -1 to hit with melee on their next turn. Important since you're only protected by a mere 2+ save for the most part.
  • Cleanse (4+): Enemy unit within 12" takes 2 AP 2 hits. Somewhat equivalent to psychic blast, though it hits the entire unit.
  • Warp (5+): Enemy unit within 12" takes -1 to defense, which you'll want if you're struggling to turn the tide.
  • Doom (5+): Enemy model within 12" takes an AP 3 hit, making this a prime sniping spell.
  • Strike (6+): Friendly unit within 12" can immediately shoot.
  • Purge (6+): Two enemy units within 6" take 2 AP 1 hits each, making it comparable to Lightning Cloud.

Units[edit | edit source]

  • Knight Champion: A very costly hero, but you get quite a bit. Alongside Aegis and Psychic 1, you also get Combat Master, which gives you one of four different styles each round you're in melee (+1 to hit, AP +1, Rending or Impact 1). This champion is a through and through beatstick with psychic powers. If you want support, pick the generic heroes.
  • Knight Brothers: Each of these boys has a storm rifle, an energy sword and Aegis, which is plenty worth the price hike. They have a very unique selection of weapons. Their guns are now an incinerator (a flamer with AP 1), a psychic silencer (a minigun-lite with 6 shots) or the psychic cannon (AP 2 and rending). In melee, they can swap their energy sword for an energy staff (less attacks but it's poisoned), the halberd (less attacks but AP 2), twin energy falchions (Rending) and daemon hammer (2 attacks, but now AP 4 and Deadly 3). You can also grant them Impact 1, Ambush or Teleport (so you can jump 6" anywhere without regard for terrain and isn't the same as ambush for some reason). Oh, and these guys can be psychic too, so joy.
  • Purgation Brothers: Knights with Relentless. They now have free reign of the special weapons but can't specialize in melee. They can also be psychic too.
  • Knight Destroyers: Destroyers are already dangerous, so you know for sure that stacking all the benefits of Knights makes them deadlier as well as obscenely more expensive. Their weapon choices mirror the base knights, but they can also grab a standard (for Fear) and Regeneration as well as the ability to give everyone Impact 3.
  • Knight Walker: This walker lacks its guns. However, it is Tough 18 and psychic, making it a tank in both a physical and mental sense. You can grant heavy guns that won't replace your fists and then take either an energy great sword or daemon hammer for extra punch. You can also grant it Teleport to surprise enemies or Regeneration if you want to drive

Watch Brothers[edit | edit source]

The Watch Brothers are for those who are super spoiled for choice. Your basic brothers all have an obscene number of weapons available

Special Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Tactical Master: Your Captains, Death Watchers and Champions can buy an upgrade for additional ammo for their pistols, assault rifles and storm rifles. Each turn, you can pick between +1 to hit, Rending, +6" to range or AP 1, giving you a wide choice of options for them.

Units[edit | edit source]

  • Death Watcher: Essentially a Captain for all intents and purposes. Aside from the frankly obscene number of guns available to the basic watch brothers, you can also grab a guardian brother's spear-rifle and the choice of either a jetpack or destroyer armor. If you pick up Tactical Master for special ammo, do be wary that the number of weapons you can use it with is very slim. Don't grab it unless you are absolutely planning to use it because 30 points is not cheap.
  • Watch Brothers: Your base troops are given practically free reign on weapons. Whatever you want, wherever you want them, you can buy some and drop them wherever. You can also grab shields if you want to protect the force.
  • Watch Vanguard: Take assault brothers with jetpacks and make them FAST. While the firearms are limited to pistols, the melee weapons aren't. With this includes shields, meaning you can have a very mobile and hard to hit squad of mofos with heavy hammers and claws.
  • Watch Destroyers: Destroyers are already expensive, so why take these? Because these bastards can slap extra guns (Gravity, Fusion, Plasma or Flamethrower) on top of your energy fists. And this is on top of the rest of the guns a squad of destroyers can grab.
  • Watch Star Jet: Tough 6 and that 2+ defense make the Watch Star a tough nut. It also comes with some good long range weapons including anti-air missiles and short-range bombs. If aircraft aren't in play, pick those 5 points to take Storm Missiles with Deadly. The twin minigun can also be replaced with twin laser cannons for more deadly at a great range. And on top of all this, you can make it a transport for 11 models.

Wolf Brothers[edit | edit source]

Where the Blood Brothers are for getting stuck in quickly, the Wolf Brothers are for getting as many attacks as possible. Between their spells and their loadouts, you should be sure to get all the attacks you want in any situation.

Special Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Counter: When this unit is charged, you can give one melee weapon an extra attack. All of your infantry can pick it up so you can make your army quite defensive.

Psychic Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Fury (4+): Friendly unit within 12" gains Furious. You definitely want to set this off whenever possible.
  • Hurricane (4+): Two enemy units within 6" take 4 hits, making it a diet Lightning Cloud.
  • Storm (5+): Enemy unit within 18" takes -1 to their next shooting rolls. You absolutely want this to protect a vulnerable unit as they make their attack.
  • Thunder (5+): Enemy unit within 12" takes 3 AP 2 hits, making it better for punching big boys.
  • Wrath (6+): Enemy unit within 12" can be thrown 6" in any direction, leaving them out of a weak unit's hair or right in the sights of a charging mob.
  • Lightning (6+): Enemy unit within 12" takes 2 AP 3 hits. The inverse of Thunder, making it for blasting vehicles.

Units[edit | edit source]

  • Lone Wolf: A genuine beatstick of a hero. Perhaps most remarkable is its option for pet guard wolves (for bonus attacks) as well as a great wolf mount instead of a bike, thereby granting the rider extra melee weapons as well as Impact 3.
  • Wolf Rookies: Take pathfinders and toss them into basic brother armor. Their quality won't be as good, but you'll be able to buy them weapons that would normally be impossible.
  • Wolf Brothers: Your basic battle brothers, though their weapons lack anything with heavy punch. You can also give them jetpacks or bikes to fill in a hole you want - ones that could normally be filled with the appropriate base units.
  • Werewolves: While more expensive with a 3+ defense, these guys are genuine melee monsters with Fast and Regeneration. While normally without any shooting, you can give them backpack grenade launchers to give at least a cursory effort at softening up crowds before ripping into them with the variety of evil implements at their disposal.
  • Wolf Destroyers: What makes these guys different from the stock destroyers? It's their ability to replace their storm rifles with base assault rifles (at a discount of 5 points even!) and then buy an attachment that's normally only for champions and captains.
  • Wolf Riders: Take bikers and replace their bikes with angry wolves with Impact 3 and 3 AP 1 attacks to add to the frenzy. Almost all their options focus in on that, though you could also be a square and grab a plasma pistol or assault rifle for some variety.
  • Wolf Walker: It comes stock with a pretty fierce blast weapon, but it's capable of taking just about any other weapon the walker could normally take. If you want a melee focus, you could either make its fists claws with Rending or take a big axe with AP 4 Deadly 3 and a shield to make sure it's not focused on too much.
  • Fang Gunship: This ship is strapped with a devastating cannon tailor-made to wipe off mobs with ease and missiles to kill single targets. This can be added on to with extra guns as well as room to carry 11 models.
  • Wolf Jet: The less focus-firing equivalent of the Fang with slightly less evil twin frost cannons and twin laser cannons. Aside from that, they can carry the same upgrades as the Fang aside from the one replacing missiles.

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