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Why Play Beastmen[]

The Beastmen rely on their hordes. While they will usually have trash stats, you'll have more than enough bodies that you can clog and even possibly drown enemies in bodies.


  • Lots of models means lots of activations
  • Furious is pretty common, so expect lots of melee combat


  • Your hordes are pretty flimsy for basic infantry
  • Shooting is at a minimum

Army Special Rules[]

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Wizard Spells[]

  • Spirit Mantle (4+): Friendly unit within 12" gains Stealth the next time they are shot at. Your army is quite vulnerable to getting shot to hell, so you'll be needing it.
  • Traitor's Wrath (4+): One enemy model within 12" takes a single AP 2 hit. While not much, it's a pretty potent tool for sniping out heroes or specialist models like Command Groups.
  • Surge (5+): Friendly unit within 12" can immediately move 3". Considering how dependent your army is on using Furious and melee, expect to be casting this a lot.
  • Vile Swarm (5+): One enemy unit within 12" takes four AP 1 hits. If you have issues with gangs, this is likely to give you some breathing room while your hordes take on another force.
  • Animalistic (6+): One enemy unit within 12" takes a -3 to their next hit roll in melee. What better way to assert your melee supremacy than to make sure the enemy can't do a thing in it?
  • Howling Roar (6+): Two enemy units within 6" take 6 hits each, making this more effective for cleaning mobs.

Unit Analysis[]


  • Beast Lord: Your basic HQ is a pretty decent package for fairly cheap. 3+ quality and defense makes him pretty tanky while Furious and his weapon options make him as good as it gets for melee.
    • Weapons: His melee options are pretty basic fare for pretty cheap: Paired weapons for even more swings, spear for Phalanx, great weapon for AP 2 and Halberd for Rending makes him pretty well-rounded for options. He can also bolster his attacks by buying up to two Beast Companions for some extra attacks better-suited for ripping up infantry.
    • Upgrades: For the most part, Hit & Run is useless for the Beast Lord, as he gets nothing out of it. Bane is more up his alley, doubling the effects of Furious. This is especially potent if you have a great weapon or halberd. Wild Ambush is incredibly expensive, but it does give the beast lord and a single unit Ambush.
  • Hunt Master: Your budget hero, a good deal weaker, but he comes with Stealth to bolster his pretty poor 5+ defense and Strider helps his maneuverability. His quality is also a bit lower, which when combined with a lack of Furious makes melee less of a certainty.
    • Shooting: The big reason you want the Hunt Master. This is what makes Hit & Run actually viable for him. This rule allows the Hunt Master and his unit to scoot 3" after shooting, making them way more mobile than they seem. Alongside the basic shortbow to accompany the Raiders, he also gets an option for a Triple-Strongbow for multiple attacks that can rip apart brutes and an Arc-Bow to act as small-scale artillery.
  • Minotaur Boss: The big bruiser, with Tough 6 and AP 1 on their swings to make them much deadlier. In exchange, he loses out on any leadership abilities beyond the basics. His only options are for new weapons (great weapons for a beastly AP 3 or a paired weapon to overwhelm anyone) as well as Bull Charge for Impact 3, making charges your ultimate weapons.
  • Shaman: Your wizards are as flimsy as any other wizards. Even though they have the option for a second hand weapon, the idea of throwing your wizards into melee is something you should never consider.

Infantry & Cavalry[]

  • Harpies: While they are flimsy as paper, Harpies have both Scout and Flying, making them far more mobile. They'll usually be the first to attack a certain unattended unit.
  • Hunters: Your cheapest goons, but they pay for it by being flimsy. They're essentially the same as a basic infantry squad with the exception of being even weaker with a paper-thin 6+ defense. Strider at least lets them hop over terrain so you can strike from a safer angle
  • Warriors: Slightly stronger than the Hunters and exchange Strider for Furious. These guys are better-suited to getting extra weapons. These will likely be the guys to accompany your beast lord due to their similarities.
  • Elites: Buffer warriors. Each one totes a great weapon so they can hack down infantry, but Head Hunters makes them even more adept at hacking down monsters and armored brutes like the Eternal Wardens.
  • Minotaurs: Same stats as the Elites, but these guys instead have more swings to eat light infantry over a big one to hack big armor. Bull Charge gives the entire unit Impact 1 to stack with Furious, and the unit can swap for either paired weapons or even bigger great weapons.
  • Raiders: Poorly armored, but they're your cheapest - if not only - source of shooting in exchange for any punching. The unit also possesses Stealth so they can be a little better protected from enemy fire. These will likely be your retinue for the Hunt Master if he has a bow.
  • Havoc Hounds: Your hunters. Fast and Strider make it so that these hounds can easily pursue whatever they're hunting down. You can buy Scout for them, making the chance for an alpha strike even more likely, while Poison helps pile on hits when you trigger it.
  • Centaurs: Your cavalry is quite the threat with 3+ quality and 4+ defense, while Crazed boosts their melee game with a random buff (either +1 AP, a bonus attack or -1 to get hit). Lances let them add more Impact while great weapons allow them to rip into armor with ease, and both allow you to buy throwing weapons for some manner of shooting. One of the models can even become a wizard for the sake of giving you a super-mobile blocker.
  • Crazed Boars: Bigger and buffer than the havoc hounds. Though they're not as mobile, they're way more able to punch a hole in the enemy with AP 1 and Impact 3, while Tough 3 allows them to take a good hit or two and still fight on.
  • Hunter Chariot: A lightweight chariot with two attacks from the crew and two from the beasts dragging it along. Strider and Fast make this more maneuverable, and you can even buy shortbows so it can remain effective at range.
  • Boar Chariot: A slightly stronger chariot now pulled by a boar. Though not as mobile, this chariot has a stronger Impact value and they have Furious to make melee more favorable since it's all you have.


  • Cyclops: This guy isn't your strongest monster, but it gives you the ability to block spells and you can even make it into a mobile piece of artillery. This, along with its already impressive set of attacks, makes it a much more versatile unit to bring along.
  • Minotaur Giant: The bruiser monster, given Furious and stronger attacks. With AP 2 on their attacks, the beast can absolutely flatten most things it runs against. If you buy Bull Charge, it even slaps on Impact so you can crush a mob before they even land a blow.
  • Slimey Beast: A huge, pulsating monstrosity. Alongside its Poisoned melee attacks, it also possesses a shooting attack (with Sniper, no less) and Madness, a passive ability that forces enemy units to take a morale check or take three hits. This, on top of Flying, makes the beast allows them to remain more pervasive in their menace.

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General Advice[]

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