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Why Play Dark Elves[]


  • Strong infantry
  • Good variety of different unit choices
  • Plenty of shooting


  • Your army is essentially a big glass cannon
  • Your shooting relies on Rending for any AP in most cases.

Army Special Rules[]

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Wizard Spells[]

  • Despair (4+): One enemy unit within 12" takes -2 to their morale checks. This pretty much means that you need to tack this on to crush enemy units.
  • Blade Storm (4+): Two enemy units within 6" take four hits each. This essentially lets you cut through some herds.
  • Darkness (5+): A friendly within 12" gains Regeneration the next time they get hit. Expect to use this a lot to reinforce your otherwise puny glass cannon units.
  • Steal Soul (5+): One enemy unit within 12" takes four AP 1 hits.
  • World of Pain (6+): Friendly unit within 12" can immediately charge and add +1 to their next hit rolls. Considering how many units you can throw into the fray, you'll absolutely be using this.
  • Black Bolt (6+): An enemy model within 12" takes three AP 2 hits. Pretty much your lone sniping spell.

Unit Analysis[]


  • Dark Lord: Another fine hero, capable of filling a number of roles depending on what you take. You can also buy Dark Prowess if you're planning on hiding in a unit, allowing an attached unit to add +1 to hit in melee.
    • Weapons: You have a pretty vast selection of weapons to use, including lances when you're riding a steed. What's special is that you also get to pick a ranged weapon. The repeater handbow is cheap, but you can double up on it for more firepower. The repeater crossbow is more for punching armor at a better range.
    • Mounts: Aside from the standard Dark Horse, you can also get a Raptor. The Raptor is essentially the same as a horse, but it also provides some additional attacks.
  • Snake Lady: A literal glass cannon. If you're looking for something that can kill anything fast, you can throw her at the enemy. Fast and Strider makes her very mobile and her attacks have a monstrous AP 4. What she lacks is substantial protection beyond Tough 3 and a 4+ defense.
  • Sorceress: This wizard can actually defend herself in combat, though a 6+ defense won't see that go on for long. Fortunately, you have plenty of mount options, including the Black Pegasus, granting both flight and a 4+ defense.
  • Assassin: Your most elite hero, toting a mighty 3+ for quality and defense as well as Stealth for more defense. Ambush enables them to pop in at an unexpected angle. Their only upgrades boost their paired hand weapons - either AP 2, Deadly 3, or Poison. Your choice of poison add-on will determine what they're going to be geared towards killing.


  • Harpies: Harpies are good at one thing and one thing only: Being chaff. Despite the advantage being airborne brings, these girls have some genuinely trash stats on hand. Do NOT try to make a whole front line with them. Rather, have them infiltrate from flanks and cover.
  • Dark Warriors: Your warriors are about as effective as the High Elves' base warriors. You've got 4+ quality and the open table for weapon options to fill whatever role you see fit.
  • Witch: An angrier dark warrior, trading their defenses for paired weapons with Poison and Furious. This girl is not going up close in any circumstance. As they lack any other means to attack, it's best to have them gang up on another unit to finish the job.
  • Corsair: Your Dark Warrior gets a little tougher with Furious and a 4+ defense. That said, they pay for it in versatility - Their only loadouts are hand weapons, dual hand weapons, and repeater handbows. Both options pretty clearly lock them to handling other infantry, and with limited such limited attacks, their roles are better suited to being defensive.
  • Slaughter Sister: An elite witch, boosted with a 3+ quality and A2 hand weapons instead of relying on poison. They also replace Furious with Blade Dance, a rule that makes their normally pitiful 6+ defense into a more respectable 4+ when in melee. This allows them to be a genuine threat when up close. The issue remains actually getting there. Keep other models clustered up to distract the enemy
  • Executioner: Executioners are brute-killers bar none. Though mostly similar to Dark Warriors, they carry a 3+ quality and a severing blade that grants Deadly 3. This means that any tough guys they go up against can be cut down pretty quickly. However, they lack any AP and their 5+ protection means that they can be flattened quickly.
  • Dark Guardian: Where executioners are for big guys, the guardian is your elite warrior keyed with beating down more armored foes with halberds for Rending and Furious.
  • Winged Sister: You want harpies that can actually do more than be chaff? These girls essentially combine them with witches, granting 4+ quality and Flying as well as Ambush so you can drop in unannounced. If you're looking for shooting, you can also buy Javelins for some short-ranged AP 1 shots.
  • Snake Sister: One thing you'll notice with the army list is that your options for ranged AP are fairly limited to options with either short ranges or Rending. To compensate, these snakes come with decently ranged bows with AP 1 to punch past armor. You can also add in an additional shot by throwing in a pet wyrm for yet another shot. If you plan on using their mobility in a different way, you can instead swap their bows for halberds for both AP 1 and Rending - the wyrm can still give you some modicum of firepower.
  • Crossbowman: What happens when you give a Dark Warrior a repeater crossbow. Their defense is now a pitiful 6+, but at this range they have no need to be close enough to be the chief targets.
  • Shade Killer: Elite crossbowman with 3+ quality. Scout and Stealth means that they can put themselves in a good position early on, which you will still need with their garbage defense. Unlike their lessers, they can come with better weapons in the way of either dual wielding hand weapons or a great weapon - without sacrificing their shooting. Neither of these options should be priorities.


  • Black Horsemen: Your basic light cavalry maintains the warrior's 4+ quality. You can easily equip both lance and crossbow so you can be the best of both worlds, but the costs make going with only one more viable.
  • Warlock Rider: Your tougher cavalry, toting scarier 3+ quality and poisoned weapons and the option to also become a wizard for a mobile and durable blocking force.
  • Raptor Knight: Super-elite warrior with a 3+ to quality and defense. That said, they are utterly dedicated to melee with only a lance and the mount's attacks to carry them. Expect them to draw fire pretty quicly.

List Building & Tactics[]

General Advice[]

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