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Why Play Duchies of Vinci[]

In many ways, the Duchies of Vinci are a lot like Humans. You're going to be buying them in numbers. However, the duchies rely more upon their crossbows to take down foes from afar rather than relying on melee to tie them up. Helping matters is the existence of the Automa, special units that are immune to morale.


  • Lots of Activations
  • Automa give you morale-resistant forces
  • Crossbows. Crossbows everywhere


  • Your marksmen aren't very melee-capable
  • You're really going to be relying on Rending
  • Your troops are lightly armored
  • Your troops aren't all that good

Army Special Rules[]

  • Automa: Your Automa units are immune to Morale checks. Instead, any time they take a morale check they roll a die for each model in the unit. Any 1s or 2s mean that the unit suffers an unsaved wound.

Wizard Spells[]

  • Fury Herbs (4+): Friendly unit within 12" gains Furious next time they charge. If you're going to be relying on assassins or melee Automa, you need this.
  • Choking Fog (4+): One enemy unit within 12" takes three AP 1 hits. Not much, but it can weaken some mobs.
  • Clearview Leaves (5+): A friendly unit within 12" adds +6" to their shooting range the next time they shoot.
  • Deep Rot (5+): One enemy unit within 12" takes a single AP 4 Deadly 3 hit. Sadly won't kill a hero or special weapon without setup, but it can still nail ogres or Eternal Wardens like a champ.
  • Mesmer Oils (6+): One enemy unit within 12" must take a morale check. If they fail, then you can make that unit charge one of their allies, which can be quite hilarious.
  • Neurotoxin Gas (6+): Enemy unit within 6" take a hit per model, making this hell for mobs of grunts.

Unit Analysis[]


  • Grand Captain: A fairly cheap hero with a decent upgrade in Captain (Allowing his unit for +3" in movement, +1 to either shooting or fighting, or +1 AP in shooting) that has use anywhere in an army. He only has a hand weapon for melee (unless you buy a mount, in which case you can grab a lance instead for Impact), but you can accompany that with either a handbow or crossbow depending on how much you intend to be in combat as well as a pigeon bomb for some Indirect fire.
    • Mounts: The Automa Horse gives a cheap option for mobility, though it offers little else. The Automa Boar offers a bit more meat to protect the captain as well as some good extra attacks. The Automa Bird is pretty much your monster option, providing the most protection in a +2 defense an +6 Tough as well as Fly and an attack made to kill elites.
  • Master Assassin: This guy is tailor-made to ruin someone's day. Ambush lets them jump in at any time, Strider and Stealth make them hard to shake off and Takedown guarantees that any heroes they face will particularly suffer. While throwing knives can provide some shooting, it pales in comparison to the upgrades available to the armblades, providing either Poison, AP 1, or Deadly 3.
  • Inventor: The Inventor is specially-geared towards shooting, with Good Shot letting them hit on a 4+ instead of 5+. While you can buy either the Explosive Gears (for a short-ranged blast) or a Sleeve Gun (for mid-range AP), both will leave you quite impotent in most cases. On top of this, they can also buy Repair (for when you bring Tough units along) and Ballistic Master, a rule that is quite useless until the Duchies get any Artillery units.
  • Alchemist: Despite the name, they're still just flimsy Wizards who shouldn't be anywhere near the front lines. You'll need to hide them behind some tougher guys, especially since they lack a mount.


  • Militia: Your basic infantry squad. In an army primarily based on shooting, these are your most basic and diverse melee unit, capable of filling whatever role you need of them.
  • Harlequins: By default, they're a basic infantry squad with AP 1 on their two attacks, but that alone isn't worth the price rise and drop in model count. Then you notice that they have Tricksters to randomly grant either +1 AP or a -1 to get hit in melee. They also have Good Shot and their only upgrade is the Juggler's Bombs, which provide a literal blanket of small blasts to infuriate mobs.
  • Assassins: A pack of stabby folk with Ambush and Stealth so they can accompany a Master Assassin in popping out of nowhere. That said, they lack Strider, so you're sacrificing your mobility if you go that route. Their only options re for Poison in melee and throwing weapons to pepper the opposition.
  • City Guard: The one unit that emphasizes how much the duchies love their crossbows. Each model has Good Shot and a crossbow to use it on. If you're looking for something more close-range, you can also give any of them a Shotbow for rapid-fire fun.
    • Upgrades: While you can freely swap between crossbow and shotbow, you can't do the same with their arrow upgrades. All crossbows (and sadly only crossbows) can take one of the following: Heavy Bolts to punch through cover, Toxin Bolts to grant Poison, Dual Bolts for an extra shot, and Flame Bolts for a spicy +2 AP. The Heavy Bolts will see quite a bit of use in a denser map, while Dual Bolts and Flame Bolts are going to make you pay for such power at 30 points.
  • Automa Guard: Your basic robot unit comes with a decent 4+ to quality and defense and handbows so they can close the distance with the enemy. Because they ignore morale, they can be of use as a distraction unit, and if you buy Regeneration, you can even keep them around longer than most units in that kind of role.
  • Scouts: Another close-quarters unit, gifted with an edge by Scout and Good Shot so they can shoot their handbows a little better. They also have Signal Flare, which allows them to mark an enemy unit so that whoever fires next at them can add +1 to hit when firing upon them. That said, these guys need cover if you expect them to survive to throw those flares even once.
  • Automa Drones: Lighter and weaker than the Automa Guard, but they fly and possess sawblades for a bunch of Rending attacks. They also have Good Shot so if you decide to swap off for twin handbows for free, you'll be doing so at with less worry.
  • Aerea Guard: You've got City Guard with giant jetpacks and slightly better armor. Because of this, Shotbows aren't going to be as much of a liability, but the hike in cost for the unit might dissuade you from picking up special bolts unless you're really focusing on them. They can also work as melee thanks to the addition of claws, though this also forces you into melee. At least the claws aren't as costly as the arrows.
  • Snipers: You've got guys with essentially Crossbows with Sniper and a slightly better range. What's not to love? If you're worried about enemy artillery or someone trying to flatten them, you can pick up Pavise Shields so you can add +2 to their defenses. In any case, NEVER leave them in a situation where they could be caught unawares.
  • Automa Brutes: Your big burly automa. They're equipped like the regular Automa Guard, but with slightly bigger handbows and Tough 3 as well as a powerful 3+ to quality and shooting. while you can also buy Regeneration here, it's significantly more expensive here, making it a bit less appealing.


  • Automa Cavalry: Essentially Automa Guard riding horses. While by default, they come with lances to focus on Impact, you can also swap that off with handbows if you're keen on keeping their shooting prowess.
  • Heavy Automa Cavalry: Bigger and angrier cavalry with Tough 3 and Impact 3. While you start off with lances, you can instead buy them crossbows (as well as all the upgrades available to City Guard) so their focus pivots to being large and mobile turrets.
  • Support Chariot: Not piloted by automa, so it's more suited for shooting thanks to the long-range repeater crossbow. For crowd control you can instead buy the mortar, but it's not a big blast and it's hampered by Inaccurate. You can also buy it a transport upgrade, which can prove to be more helpful for the base chariot rather than the mortar.


  • Vita Araea: An airplane operated with crossbows, Fast and Flying give it plenty of mobility and control over where you can go. If you're looking to just play keep-away you can buy Scout and make your first shots before turning tail. You can also make it bomb enemy units it flew over if you're not so worried about getting up close.
  • Carro Armato: By default, it's not that impressive with only two melee attacks and a 2+ defense. It's Impact 6 is its big selling point bone stock. That said, you can improve its Impact power further by adding the heavy plow for a scary Impact 9. You can also buy it a heavy repeater crossbow for mobile artillery and up to SEVEN cannons to obliterate herds with prejudice - that said, there's not going to be much reason to buy all seven.


  • Spingarde: When you need a long-range mortar. 48" makes it able to cover most of a table and AP 4 Blast 3 makes it perfectly kitted to blow up havoc warriors and other automa, beings without the Tough blessings afforded by the Eternal Wardens but still absurdly armored.
  • Ribauldequin: As the army of the crossbow, it only makes sense that their repeater ballista is a literal machine gun of arrows. Twelve AP2 shots at 24" pretty much guarantees that monsters and elites like the eternal wardens will not be making it out of a firing session without considerable casualties.
  • Araea Slingshot: And who said that Vinci didn't have sniping capabilities? This here is a monstrosity of a weapon, gifted with incredible range, AP 4 and Deadly 3 with Sniper to let it pick out key weapons and models.
  • Heavy Mortar: Where the spingarde was made more for heavy armor in mind, this weapon's the sort for culling mobs and crowds. While AP 2 is no joke, it's likely there just to make sure that the goblins don't try to BS their way out of the crater you made.

List Building & Tactics[]

General Advice[]

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