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Dwarves are a faction from the Age of Fantasy universe.

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Background Story[]

Dwarves are short humanoids that have developed advanced steam-powered technology and hold a grudge against magic. They tattoo magic-resistant runes on their bodies and imbue their weapons with powerful runes, making them some of the most powerful warriors in Tyria.

Whilst the dwarves have heavily armored troops and wield powerful ranged weapons, this comes at the cost of being much slower than other armies. This forces them to fight much more defensively than other armies, relying on their shield walls to withstand enemy charges.

A long time ago the Dwarves used to be peaceful traders until the orcs invaded their homelands and imprisoned them with savage magic. The Dwarves were enslaved until the creation of the great rift, when they revolted amongst the chaos and managed to escape their slavers.

Now they have sworn off magic and are ready to take on any enemy before being enslaved again.

Play Style[]

The Dwarves are an army as slow as molasses. If it goes on foot, then it's likely that the model will suffer from the Slow Rule. However, the Dwarves compensate by both some good defenses as well as a lot of shooting access between guns for AP and crossbows for Rending.

They also boast some very powerful artillery, covering any manner of desires needed for the field.

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