The Ghostly Undead are a faction from the Age of Fantasy universe.

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Background Story[edit | edit source]

The Ghostly Undead are hordes of ghosts and spirits lead by the royal families of the underworld. These eternal monarchs raise armies of ghosts that are not content with haunting civilians but that have a lust for war.

Since the dawn of time the underworld's monarchs have been torturing lost souls, always eager to get more fresh blood to play with. When they grew dissatisfied with the slow rate at which new souls were coming in they decided to raise an army of their own, built from the souls of those that were willing to fight just to get away from the torture.

The armies of the Ghostly Undead usually consist of main battle lines of ghost warriors armed with different weapons, supported by powerful wraiths and banshees, as well as undead knights on ethereal steeds. Their leaders are eternal jailors of the dead, pushing their warriors to fight harder so they can reap more souls for their masters.

Fear for your life if you hear the Ghostly Undead coming, for they will stop at nothing to recruit your soul into their ranks.

Play Style[edit | edit source]

Among the undead armies, the spooky ghosts are the most glass cannon army of the lot. While the vampires have to work with utter chaff mobs and the ossified are all turtles, the ghostly undead are the ones who are in combat first and able to hold onto the fight for a bit, but they'll need to rely on their Regeneration to hold on.

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Miniatures[edit | edit source]

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