Why Play Ghostly Undead[edit | edit source]

Among the undead armies, the spooky ghosts are the most glass cannon army of the lot. While the vampires have to work with utter chaff mobs and the ossified are all turtles, the ghostly undead are the ones who are in combat first and able to hold onto the fight for a bit, but they'll need to rely on their Regeneration to hold on.


  • Universal (sorta) Regeneration and Strider
  • You've got some good mobs with big swords
  • Morale's almost a non-factor


  • Your entire army is ghosts. Kinda can't pick up armor, so you NEED your Regeneration
  • No artillery, your shooting is very minimal
  • No damage sponges outside of your heroes

Army Special Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Chilling: Enemies take -1 to hit this unit. This is useful because the units that have it tend to be the ones that can't even stand up to a fist fight.
  • Ethereal: Your models have Regeneration and you'll be needing it with how dismal your defense scores are. Note that this can stack with regular Regeneration of need be.
  • Reap: Any nat 6s you roll to hit in melee let you roll an additional attack in combat. You'll definitely be needing to maximize this.
  • Undead: Your models all auto-pass morale checks, which is great. Instead, you need to roll a d6 for each remaining model/Tough wound in the unit; any time you roll a 1 or 2, they suffer a wound that bypasses Regeneration.

Wizard Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Dread (4+): Friendly unit within 12" can immediately charge 3". All it'll do is shift the tide a little in case you need to open up some room for another charge while holding off multiple units.
  • Terror (4+): One enemy unit within 12" must take a morale test. If they fail, then they must take a dangerous terrain check as well.
  • Rise Again (5+): One friendly unit within 12" gains Regeneration the next time they get hit. Really only useful if you're getting ready for some pain from an enemy wizard.
  • Eat Soul (5+): Enemy unit within 12" takes an S4 AP 3 hit. Honestly, what a waste. It'll nail most monsters and brutes, but it's useless against heroes who cower behind their goons.
  • Grief (6+): Friendly unit within 12" gains Impact 1 on their next charge. You'll be needing all the attacks you can make.
  • Vicious Spirits (6+): Two enemy units within 12" take 3 AP 3 hits each. It's pretty decent for handling elites and artillery.

Unit Analysis[edit | edit source]

Heroes[edit | edit source]

  • Grim King: He's a fairly basic beatstick (only an A3 AP 2 greatsword to hit on 3+ for that), but he's got some good debuffs in store. The stock one he comes with is Fear the King, which gives two enemy units within 12" a -1 to their next morale check. While you could use this to help break your enemies (especially if you buy Fear through some wraith heralds), you can also use this to bolster a casting of Terror or letting your minions run through their opposition.
  • Grieving Queen: Your most powerful wizard/light artillery, and thus is a very visible target. Thankfully, Sands of Time allows her to regain one of her six Tough wounds, providing some resistance. You should still be making sure she's protected because of how valuable her magic power is and because she grants Regeneration to her unit. She comes with a death stare to provide a short-range Deadly 3 shot and handle the stray elite while her hand weapon comes with Rending. In all honesty, don't rely on the punchy weapon, you should be casting.
  • Mounted Reaper: A super-powerful reaper who's more a melee-focused sidegrade of the grim king. Instead of any debuffs, this guy gets a single AP 4 Deadly 3 decapitating blow and Reap in order to help make the most out of this and your normal scythe blows (also A3 AP 2). Flying gives you a pretty good boost, and it's vital since you're a pure melee beatstick, and you can even buy Spectral Touch so you can whack people while flying over them. The moment you're not killing someone's the moment it's not making their worth.
  • Ghost Knight: A slightly buffer generic beatstick. This however makes them the most prone to customization, a feature all other ghostly heroes lack. You can buy a ghost ram for a mount - while costly, it provides Impact, Tough 6 and Fast, all indispensable for getting into the fight.
    • Melee: The knight's base hand weapon tends to be serviceable, but you can upgrade it for only 5 points. Dual wielding gives you a bunch more attacks, halberd grants Rending, great weapon gives AP 2 and spear grants Phalanx.
    • Upgrades: The Cursed Lantern gives you the most melee-focused boost, granting their unit +1 to all AP in melee. Ghostly Overseer grants Ambush, a pretty powerful trick, especially if you grab a pack of dread knights to ride with. Stolen Time is the upgrade of choice if you want a wall, as it grants the entire unit a +2 bonus to defense rolls.
  • Ghost Wizard: Do not, under ANY circumstances, take this to fight. You will be wasting your time with that. You can't even boost its Wizard level, making them more worthwhile for blocking.
  • Ghost Executioner: See that ghost knight? Replace its weapon for an AP 2 Deadly 3 great axe, ideal for killing heroes. That's all you're getting, so you'd better make sure you actually getting to a hero for killing. Fear is especially potent tool if you intend on breaking the unit.
  • Ghost Jailor: A ghost knight with a great weapon essentially. However, they get their own set of special upgrades: a chained spirit grants the jailor double the amount of attacks, which is quite impressive, and Capture Souls, which deals instant hits on enemy units (3 on a 2+, 9 on a 6). This gives you a form of mob management that isn't affected by anything, so you can use it to just bomb hordes.
  • Ancient Banshee: The banshee can buy a howl for some good shooting. It's short-ranged, but it can give a unit a way to manage light infantry. Chilling makes enemies suffer -1 to hit her unit in melee, making for a decent distraction.
  • Ancient Wraith: Ghost knight with great weapon. Unlike something like, say, the jailor, this guy can't do anything else. Sure, he gets Ambush, but he's still just some dude walking over to cut someone rather than supporting anything.

Infantry & Cavalry[edit | edit source]

  • Ghost Horde: Your cheapest mob. They're pretty much disposable chaff, but they can grab different weapons (and a harpoon for hero-killing) as well as being the only infantry unit with a command group.
  • Scythed Ghosts: They get no special weapons or the option for a command group, but their base weapons give A2 Rending, providing a considerable boost to your damage output. They also come with Chilling, making for a decent bunker.
  • Ghost Reapers: Now getting to your elite mobs, they have AP 1 on their attacks and Reap, meaning they're somewhat more reliable against light infantry. They lack any command group, but you can buy a death bell for an AP 2 Deadly 3 swipe to pop a bruiser.
  • Ghost Revenants: The bruisers of the lot. They also get great weapons and Furious so they can make charges count. On top of this, they also get Whirl, which grants them an additional attack whenever they roll a 6 to hit. For 5 points more than the ghost horde, you're making a pretty decent charger horde.
  • Banshees: A smaller mob of spoopies, but you can buy a Howl weapon so you can have a firing line. Their melee game is pretty much on par with the ghost hordes, so you'd be better off with those if you needed more melee - it's even roughly the same price for a mob of 10.
  • Mourner Banshees: Slightly weaker banshees with 4+ quality and rending on their weapons. They can similarly become a gunline (at a slightly higher cost), but they can also buy Spell Eater, which gives the banshees a secondary role as spell-blockers. This is especially helpful if you're worried about the enemy bringing more casters than you do.
  • Wraiths: Ghosts with Ambush and Reap on top of their great weapons. If you're looking to hide an ancient wraith somewhere, this is the group to do it.
  • Ghost Swarms: A bundle of ghosts that mob up to become Tough 3. This is essentially so you can frustrate enemies since they'll be less prone to breakage because of that. They're even cheaper than your other hordes, so it's in their nature to be used and abused.
  • Glaive Stalkers: Your "average" cavalry unit gives you a pretty decent setup. Aside from Fast and Impact 1, these guys also get AP 1 Rending glaives, hardly something to look down on. They're also the only cavalry unit that can grab a command group, a pretty helpful add-on.
  • Hexed Knights: Stronger knights with great weapons. These guys will most likely be your big brutes, capable of cleaving into heavy cavalry and infantry. They even come with Flying and Spectral Touch so they can always keep moving and hitting someone. That said, they're just as vulnerable, so you'll need magical support to last.
  • Dread Knights: Impact 2 makes the dread knights' charge a bit more dangerous for the enemy, as does having an A2 hand weapon. You can buy Ambush for them, meaning you can let these guys strike whenever you need them to.
  • Coach Chariot: The closest thing you have to a genuine monster is a wagon. While Furious is a decent rule, the number of attacks you have and the piddly 5+ quality make the chariot a bit of a letdown.
  • Ghost Chariot: This chariot is more support-based, so it's less of a surprise that it isn't supposed to fight despite having full Regeneration. It comes with the banshee's howl as well as Reliquary, allowing two units within 12" to possibly eat two AP 1 hits each turn. This allows it to be more for handling beefier units rather than mobs.

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