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Grimdark Future is a miniatures game set in a war-torn sci-fi future, designed to be easy to learn but hard to master. The game is played with 30-40 models per army, giving you big battles that can be played in 60-90 minutes.

Grimdark Future Cover Art

Background Story[]

In the future, Humanity on Earth is split into two major factions. One trusted in their faith while the other believed in fact and reason. There was a great war which threatened to destroy what little remained of the Earth, so to guarantee a future for Humanity colonization ships were sent far into space to escape the madness. The ships arrived in a region of space which would be named the Sirius Sector, where humanity met other alien species for the first time and realized they were but a small flicker in the vast, dark unknown.

The God-King, powerful ruler and master of genetic manipulation, carves out an empire for humanity with the might of his Battle Brothers. Feeding on the prayers and cries of his followers he starts to demand worship. Controversially he also deems women unfit to fight in his armies. In response, a once-respected female general of his old army creates the Battle Sisters. She is rewarded by her legions with the title of God-Queen.

The Human Defense Force (HDF) are the most common type of troop among the Human colonies, regardless of whether or not they are part of the God-king's empire. Their task is the protection of the human worlds and their populations.

The Havoc Brothers are disciples of the Havoc Gods, armies of humans corrupted by the forces of havoc. With the Wormhole Daemons at their side they are ready to raze civilization and bring down all that humanity has built.

The Elves used to be the dominant species in the Sirius Sector but their fear overcame them and they created the Robot Legions. They were meant to be tools of the Elves but their programming drove them to acts of wanton murder. The higher echelons of Elf society escaped in mammoth spaceships and became the High Elf Fleets whilst the lower echelons who survived became the betrayed Dark Elf Raiders.

The TAO Coalition are an alien species who have used the power of science and collective effort to take to the stars. The Alien Hives are a constantly-evolving series of lifeforms that exist only to consume bio matter and continue to reproduce and expand.


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Special Rules[]

  • Aircraft: Any attacks made against this unit by enemies that aren't Aircraft take a -1 to hit as well as counting as an additional 12" away. If you see the enemy using a model with this, prepare all countermeasures.
  • Ambush: Units with this rule can be hidden in reserves instead of being deployed on the field. At the start of any round after the first, you can then drop this unit anywhere over 9” away from enemy units.
  • Anti-Air: Weapons with this rule do not suffer the penalties incurred by being a ground-based unit attacking Aircraft.
    • Note that if both players have Ambush they still have to roll-off to see who deploys first, and then alternate in placing them.
  • AP(X): Targets hit by a weapon with this rule get -X to Defense rolls.
  • Blast(X): All hits scored are multiplied by X. Absolutely deadly for mobs.
  • Deadly(X): Assign each wound to one model and multiply it by X. Note that these wounds don't carry over to other models if killed. The counter for Tough.
  • Fast: Models with this rule move 9” when using Advance and 18” when using Rush/Charge.
  • Fear: Always counts as having dealt +1d3 additional wounds for seeing who won melee. Can help tip the odds in a tighter match.
  • Fearless: Units with this rule get +1 to morale tests.
  • Fire Breath: Once per round, this unit can deal deal either three AP(1) hits to a unit engaged in melee, or to one enemy unit within 12” in line of sight. This is a pretty much an auto-hitting Blast(3) AP(1) attack that you can use outside of the attack routine, making it pretty potent despite its limited use.
  • Flying: This unit may move through obstacles and may ignore terrain effects.
  • Furious: Gets +1 attack with a weapon of your choice when charging.
  • Hero: This unit can be deployed as part of another unit. The attached unit can utilize the Hero's quality score for Morale checks an in exchange the Hero can hide behind the unit's defense scores until they're wiped out. Just be wary of Sniper.
  • Immobile: Can't move or charge, just what it says on the box.
  • Impact(X): When this unit charges, they deal X automatic hits to the enemy.
  • Indirect: A weapon with this rule can target enemies that aren't in line of sight and ignores cover from sight obstructions, but suffers -1 to hit rolls when shooting after moving.
  • Poison: When rolling an unmodified 6 to hit, that hit is multiplied by 3. Made to give lesser units a chance to handle elites and monsters.
  • Psychic(X): May cast one spell during its activation at any point, before attacking. Pick a spell and a target in line of sight and roll 1d6+X. If the result is equal or higher than the spell's target number you may resolve the effects. Enemy psychics within 18” and line of sight of the caster may roll 1d6+X at the same time, and if their result is higher the spell is blocked. Psychics may only either try to cast or try to block a spell each round.
  • Regeneration: When taking a wound, this unit can re-roll an additional die to ignore that wound on a 5+. Very handy against high AP attacks.
  • Rending: Unmodified rolls of 6 to hit count as having AP(4) and ignore the regeneration rule. Usually given to let lesser units have a chance against high AP units.
  • Scout: This model may be deployed after any other units, and can then move by up to 12”, ignoring terrain.
    • Note that if both players have models with Scout they roll-off to see who deploys first.
  • Slow: This unit moves 4” when using Advance and 8” when using Rush/Charge.
  • Sniper: This model shoots at Quality 2+, and may pick one model in a unit as its target as if it were a single-model unit. The rule of choice for nailing special-weapon troops and Heroes.
  • Stealth: Enemies get -1 to hit rolls when shooting this unit.
  • Strider: This model ignores the effects of difficult terrain.
  • Tough(X): This model can take X wounds before keeling over. If a model with this rule joins a unit without it, then it is removed last when the unit takes wounds. Note that you must continue to put wounds on the tough model with most wounds until it is killed, before starting to put them on the next tough model (Heroes must still be assigned wounds last).
  • Transport(X): A unit with this rule can store up to X smaller models inside of it, and units can begin play embarked on a Transport. An embarked model can disembark during their activation, but they can't move farther than 6" when doing so.
    • If this unit dies, any units embarked inside of it must make a Dangerous Terrain check and then become pinned.

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