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Grimdark Future is a miniatures game set in a war-torn sci-fi future, designed to be easy to learn but hard to master. The game is played with 30-40 models per army, giving you big battles that can be played in 60-90 minutes.

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Background Story[]

In the future, Humanity on Earth is split into two major factions. One trusted in their faith while the other believed in fact and reason. There was a great war which threatened to destroy what little remained of the Earth, so to guarantee a future for Humanity colonization ships were sent far into space to escape the madness. The ships arrived in a region of space which would be named the Sirius Sector, where humanity met other alien species for the first time and realized they were but a small flicker in the vast, dark unknown.

The God-King, powerful ruler and master of genetic manipulation, carves out an empire for humanity with the might of his Battle Brothers. Feeding on the prayers and cries of his followers he starts to demand worship. Controversially he also deems women unfit to fight in his armies. In response, a once-respected female general of his old army creates the Battle Sisters. She is rewarded by her legions with the title of God-Queen.

The Human Defense Force (HDF) are the most common type of troop among the Human colonies, regardless of whether or not they are part of the God-king's empire. Their task is the protection of the human worlds and their populations.

The Havoc Brothers are disciples of the Havoc Gods, armies of humans corrupted by the forces of havoc. With the Wormhole Daemons at their side they are ready to raze civilization and bring down all that humanity has built.

The Elves used to be the dominant species in the Sirius Sector but their fear overcame them and they created the Robot Legions. They were meant to be tools of the Elves but their programming drove them to acts of wanton murder. The higher echelons of Elf society escaped in mammoth spaceships and became the High Elf Fleets whilst the lower echelons who survived became the betrayed Dark Elf Raiders.

The TAO Coalition are an alien species who have used the power of science and collective effort to take to the stars. The Alien Hives are a constantly-evolving series of lifeforms that exist only to consume bio matter and continue to reproduce and expand.


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