The Havoc Brothers is a faction from the Grimdark Future universe.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Havoc Lord

Havoc Lord in Destroyer Armor

Dark Champion

Dark Engineer

Dark Psychic

Cultist Champion

Daemon Champion

Infantry[edit | edit source]


Havoc Brothers

Havoc Support

Possessed Brothers

Mutated Possessed

Talon Raptors

Havoc Destroyers

Mutated Destroyers

Havoc Bikers

Daemon Spawn

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Havoc APC

Havoc Tank

Havoc Heavy Tank

Walkers[edit | edit source]

Infernal Brute

Infernal Stalker

Havoc Fiend

Spider Walker

Crab Walker

Aircraft[edit | edit source]

Havoc Dragon

Havoc Brother Disciples: Disciple of War[edit | edit source]

Lord of War

Chaos Axe Champion - Wargame Exclusive


cgtrader - Heretic's Paradise - The Harvesters - Bloody Berserkers 3D print model

Havoc Brother Disciples: Disciple of Change[edit | edit source]

Lord of Change

Chaos The Red Prime - Wargame Exclusive

Havoc Brother Disciples: Disciple of Plague[edit | edit source]

Lord of Plague

Plague Lord - Spellcrow

Chaos Hive Bringer - Wargame Exclusive

Chaos Mortuary Prime - Wargame Exclusive

Mantic Games - Plague 1st Gen Mutant

Daemon Champion (Plague)

Plague Prince - Spellcrow

Chaos Rotten Prince of Daemons - Wargame Exclusive

Plague Bringer

Mantic Games - 15 Mantic Points Mortis

Plague Zombies

Mantic Games - Plaque Zombies

Pig Iron Productions - The Infected

just something cool but idk where to fit:

Mantic Games - Plague Bursters

Havoc Brother Disciples: Disciple of Lust[edit | edit source]

Lord of Lust

Chaos Noise Screamer - Wargame Exclusive

Chaos Deep Noise Disseminator - Wargame Exclusive

Chaos Noise Maker - Wargame Exclusive

Chaos Eternal Champion - Wargame Exclusive

Chaos Depraved Master - Wargame Exclusive

Daemon Champion (Lust)

Chaos Deviant Prince of Daemons - Wargame Exclusive

Conversions[edit | edit source]

Conversion consists of buying a kit of miniatures and adding several parts of other kits (rifles, heads, etc). This increase the amount of work per miniature but allows to have a truly unique army.

The following suppliers provide bits you could find suitable for Havoc Brothers:

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