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Havoc Warriors are a faction from the Age of Fantasy universe.

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Background Story[]

The Havoc Warriors are comprised of the most fanatical warriors from the northern tribes, guided by the almighty hands of the havoc gods. Amongst their ranks one can find anything from barbarians to daemons, all of them ready to destroy all other races and factions relentlessly.

Thanks to their extremely violent and effective line troops they have one of the most powerful armies in Tyria. They rely on brute force and aggressive magic to take out their enemies and bring a variety of terrifying beasts and monsters to boot.

The northern tribes used to be split into many little factions warring endlessly against each other. Seeing their potential as mighty yet susceptible warriors, the havoc gods slowly began to infest their sorcerers’ minds with promises of great power, at the modest cost of spilling blood.

This way the havoc gods were able to form their own grand army, and are now taking over Tyria one province at a time…


Havoc Warriors worship a variety of Havoc gods, which bless them with horrific traits to help them in battle. These disciples sometimes fight together to complement each other’s strength and spread chaos across all of Tyria.

Disciples of War are extremely aggressive and focus on melee combat. All they want is to get into the enemy’s face and stomp them to the ground.

Disciples of Change are accompanied by terrifying and savage birdmen. They are blessed with a magical aura which makes them difficult to hit at range.

Disciples of Plague focus on poisoned weapons and are tougher than their brethren. Because of their pestilence other disciples tend to avoid them.

Disciples of Lust are blessed with high mobility and can unleash flurries of attacks. Their strategy is to pin down their enemies and overwhelm them.

Play Style[]

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