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The Human Defense Force is a faction from the Grimdark Future universe.

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Background Story[]

The Human Defense Force is a conglomerate of armies from all human controlled planets in the Sirius sector. It is thanks to this diversity of military cultures that humans have been able to stay alive amongst the innumerable threats and dangers they face in this new habitat.

Records show that when humans were still on earth two large coalitions formed, one that believed in religion and one that believed in science. But as technology advanced and brought humanity to space, war for dominance over the solar system broke out, and the destruction of earth and all of humanity had never been so imminent.

In order to ensure human survival both side built colonization ships and narrowly managed to escape to the Sirius sector amongst a hail of artillery fire. No contact has been made with the solar system since, and we can only speculate as to what happened to those that were left behind.

Unfortunately old habits die hard, so once the Sirius sector was reached humanity split apart yet again…

Play Style[]

The Human Defense Force provide a huge variety of playstyle. They play mainly with a lot of activations, allowing you to seize the initiative in the first turns and to play around your losses in the late turns.

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