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Humans are a faction from the Age of Fantasy universe.

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Background Story[]

Humans are the most common race found in Tyria, with very different cultures based on their location. Despite this most of their forces share common traits, such as their reliance on magic and gunpowder, and having standing armies.

The largest human factions are the great comet empire, the desert sultanate of the south, and the dragon kingdom of the far east. Large sections of humans from the far north were taken over by the havoc gods and are now not considered to be truly human anymore.

Overall humans are not the toughest soldiers in Tyria, but have a great variety of different unit types in order to make up for this. They have access to all sorts of infantry, cavalry, ranged units and even some monstrous units, which make for great and versatile armies.

No matter where they are from Humans don’t shy away from exploring new parts of the world, even if it’s an extremely dangerous affair.[1]

Play Style[]

The Humans are pretty much bodies in numbers. You'll usually have lots of bodies and heroes capable of bolstering them.

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