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Why Play Kingdom of Angels[]

The Kingdom of Angels relies a lot on Regeneration to survive in a fight. While you have options for good defense, they are all quite expensive because of the Regen included on them.


  • Lots of Regen
  • Plenty of options for mobs


  • Armor is pretty average
  • Very costly elite units
  • Only TWO options for shooting

Special Rules[]

  • Ember: The rule of the Burning Angels. Whenever this unit flies over any enemies, they can target one unit and roll three die, dealing two AP 1 hits on each 2+. This can potentially wipe out a herd and reliably soften up a tougher mob before you can close in for the kill.
  • Frost: The rule of the Frozen Angels. Whenever this unit flies over any enemies, they can mark one unit to suffer a -1 to hit in melee. This power is quite potent in annoying enemies.

Magic Spells[]

  • Terrify (4+): Enemy unit within 12" takes -1 the next time it shoots. Considering how your troops are essentially walking targets, you'll be casting this a lot.
  • Thunder (4+): Enemy unit within 12" takes 2 AP 2 hits. Better suited for elites and bruisers.
  • Star Chains (5+): Enemy unit within 18" loses 6" whenever it charges next. Considering how quickly your guys can fold, you'll absolutely be wanting this sort of spell.
  • Lightning (5+): Enemy model within 12" an AP 3 hit, the sort of character sniping you need.
  • Shock Speed (6+): Friendly unit within 12" immediately moves 6". Your emergency escape button/charge setter, though the casting value makes it less than ideal for most cases.
  • Storm (6+): Two enemy units within 6" take 8 hits each, letting you scrub out mobs before you touch them.



  • Angel Tyrant: Your most elite champion, with a great weapon that can chop apart the competition with AP 2. Though a 4+ defense isn't too much, the Regen makes him some extra durability and Flying makes sure that you can move wherever you want.
    • Weapons: If you don't need AP 2, you can swap the great weapon for either the is spear for Phalanx or the fire sword for Rending. Both of them lose out on a point of AP, but they cost nothing to switch.
    • Boosts: You can buy one of three different auras. Aside from Frost and Embers, you can also get Angelic Aura for a boost, letting two units within 6" gain Fearless when they take their next morale check - something you will need because your troops will get chopped down pretty quick.
  • Angel Priestess: So you needed a more powerful wizard? Here you go! Not only is she a wizard that can fly and fight with a 3+ quality and A3 AP 1 hand weapon, but she also has Angelic Shield, allowing her to add +d3 to any blocking rolls. More than any model, this allows you to reliably shut down enemy wizards with prejudice. Your only setback? Her loadout is static, so she's stuck as a level 1 wizard. A worthwhile trade, honestly.
  • Captain: More than likely your go-to HQ. Compared to the tyrant, you lose the AP and flight, but you have a lot of new options. The captain has a unique ability called Command, giving their unit a certain perk each turn (+3" movement, +1 to hit in either melee or shooting, or +1 AP in melee).
    • Melee: You gain your basic fare of infantry weapons, including a lance if you're on top of a mount.
    • Mounts: Aside from the basic horse, the Captain can also grab a lion, giving a fierce set of attacks, extra wounds, and Fear.
  • Champion: Captain with a different name. They lose access to Commander, but remain mostly similar...
    • Mounts: ...except for their mounts. The Champion gets two unique mounts inaccessible to the Captain alongside the horse - The Griffon, a Flying defense boost (From 4+ to 2+, how wild!) with terrifying claws, or the Dragon, who is also a flying menace that buffs defense but also breathes fire. Both of these options are quite expensive and for good reason.
  • High Sister: An elite battle sister, with Fearless and Furious to compensate for a pretty minimal defense. Fortunately, with a great weapon in hand they can whack through most armor pretty easily. You can buy them a panther mount for a mobile set of extra wounds and then a lance so they can add an impact hit to their charges.
  • Battle Wizard: Basic wizard fare, do not throw in battle, keep them away and keep casting.


  • Penitents: Absolutely pitiful statwise aside from their regen and great weapons. This makes them kamikazes to the highest order.
  • Infantry: Name says it all. You've got a block of infantry with Regen. All the weapon options and command group options apply.
  • Battle Sisters: Angrier Penitents, taking their miserable defense and default great weapons and adding on a 4+ quality and Furious to make them more aggressive set of kamikazes.
  • Paladins: The stronger infantry, given an impressive 3+ quality and decent 4+ defense. These are likely to be the bunkers for your commander, as anything else will fold too quickly to be of any help.
  • Palace Guard: Your elites, with a mighty 3+ to quality and defense on top of Regen and Tough 3 to make them tankier than anything. Their great weapons also make them best suited to fighting other elites and monsters.
  • Battle Angels: Take those Palace Guards and sacrifice a point of Defense so they can grab Flying. These guys tend to be the retinue for your tyrant, as nothing else can keep up in the same way and aren't confined to a specific role.
  • Frozen Angels: Between the Frost ability and their spears providing Phalanx, these particular angels are the defensive sort, more at home debuffing enemies and distracting them from the greater threats at hand.
  • Burning Angels: These are the offensive angels, with Embers providing the initial volley before crashing into the enemy. AP 1 means that they'll easily be able to wipe through most infantry, Rending provides a chance for them to rip through even bigger foes.
  • Marksmen: Utter chaff, but this is one of your few options for shooting. Their bows have a pretty good range, and you can upgrade them to using crossbows for better range and Rending.
  • Panthers: Panthers are fast and give you some warm bodies for artillery hunting. Grab them if you can guarantee that you can give them the window to strike, but don't expect them to be much more effective than a basic set of troops.


  • Panther Riders: Throwing a lance-toting Battle Sister on top of a panther is obviously an ideal combination. The sister provides the raw aggression with Furious and a lance for more Impact, plus Regen for some needed protection, while the panther provides a fast means to get stuck in.
  • Paladin Knights: The classic heavy cavalry. Your knights are pretty well-defended and also carry lances for extra Impact. Throwing horses on them makes this unit a no-brainer, though a very costly one.

Monsters and Vehicles[]

  • Phoenix: You might not have a dragon, but the phoenix gives you everything you'll need: A bunch of armor-ripping attacks, a veritable wall of wounds behind Regen and a 2+ defense and even Fire Breath so you can threaten things at range.
  • Panther Chariot: If you're looking for a unit riding a panther without a piddly 5+ defense, then you've come to the right place. While very costly, you're getting a whole package of Impact blows, Furious, and another set of attacks.


  • Ballista: Your lone artillery piece, and it's static. Fortunately, Regen gives it a bit of extra protection on top of Artillery and the weapon itself has good range and capable of ripping through elite units. It's also dirt cheap, so you can throw down plenty of them if you're running into a Tough-heavy army instead of Marksmen.

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