Why play Machine Cult Defilers[edit | edit source]

The defilers remain just as special with their guns, but focus more upon melee. Though their options weren't so vast, what they do have remains as potent as ever.

Pros[edit | edit source]

  • Your heroes can actually interact with your troops
  • Lots of shooting with special rules
  • Universal access to Strider

Cons[edit | edit source]

  • Your forces have sub-par defenses and lack the protection of the machine cults
  • Mobility is somewhat more limited
  • Those special rules on the guns tend to lack anything for heavy armor

Special Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Brain-Tendrils: When this unit attacks in melee, the enemy must make a single morale check or else suffer an instant hit.
  • EMP: Rending +1. It now triggers on a nat 5+.
  • Phosphor: The P in P-Pistols/Carbines. Lets you ignore cover, which is handy because your guns are rather short-ranged.
  • Radiation: The R in R-Pistols/Carbines. If an enemy hit by this weapon rolls a 1 on their defense, they eat an additional wound. Not a bad gift, but absolutely not something to rely on.
  • Repair: When this unit is activated, they can attempt to repair a Tough unit within 2". On a 4+, that unit restores one wound.
  • Self-Destruct: If a model with this rule is slain, then the enemy unit who killed them suffers an automatic hit. Sadly, this won't mean much if the enemy's well-defended.
  • Taser: Poison +1. On a nat 6 to hit, each hit is multiplied by 4.

Psychic Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Stalk (4+): Friendly unit within 12" adds +1 AP to their shooting. Pretty handy for your troops.
  • Havoc Beam (4+): One enemy unit within 12" takes an AP 2 hit.
  • Steel Mutation (5+): Friendly unit within 12" can resurrect a model (at 1 wound if they have Tough) or restore a Tough wound. This is scary good because nobody else can do something like this.
  • Lacerations (5+): Two enemy units within 6" take 3 AP 2 hits each. Pretty good punch.
  • Corrupt Metal (6+): One enemy unit within 12" takes a -2 penalty to their next defense roll. This is absolutely cruel when focused at the right targets. Do note that this won't help with triggering Radiation though.
  • Havoc Terror (6+): Enemy unit within 12" take 8 hits. See that horde of grunts? Now you don't. See that tank? It's probably now weak enough to clean up in another turn.

Unit Analysis[edit | edit source]

Heroes[edit | edit source]

  • Defiler Lord: A relative tank among your heroes, stacked with both a 3+ defense. He's costly, but you get access to both Psychic powers (as well as being able to upgrade to Psychic 2) as well as Canticles and the option of either Fear, repairing Tough units or unit-wide Regeneration. Each of these is pretty handy and, unlike the Cult Deacon, these aren't as limited in application like Canticles. Their heavy scythe is a pretty beefy melee weapon, and they can bolster this with up to two guns (one being either a plasma rifle or combustion blaster, the other being an R-carbine or macro pistol). They also gain shooting if they buy the Hover Throne, which also makes the Lord Tough 9 and provides a minigun (which you can replace that with either a combustion blaster, plasma cannon or laser cannon). The throne in particular turns your lord into a mobile artillery turret.
  • Defiler Priest: A budget defiler lord. While they can take most of the special rules available to the lord, they can only get Psychic 1. Their bigger focus is on their versatility between shooty and choppy. While they start off with only four claws, each with 2 attacks at AP 1, each of these claws can be swapped out for a smattering of short-to-mid-range guns. If you trade off two of the claws, then you can grab more powerful melee weapons (You get a staff for free, replacing AP 1 for Rending, but for 5 points you can instead grab AP 3 or Deadly 3).
  • Defiler Champion: A solo version of the Defiler Vigils. They have access to the pistols and melee weapons the unit normally gets (including EMP and taser swords and R-pistols) as well as the choice to buy either Fear, Repair or Regeneration.

Infantry[edit | edit source]

  • Defiler Vigils: Your cheapest troops are quite versed in their shooting repertoire. Alongside their R-carbines, they also have rifles (their free alternative if you want long-range but don't care about cover), and one model can pick up some more interesting guns like the EMP rifle (with a heavy variant for Deadly 3) and the Uranium Rifle for sniping. Since these guys have Strider, they have free reign to use whatever gun they want without fearing too much about cover. If you go for closer range, then it might help to grab either Brain-Tendrils or Self-Destruct.
  • Defiler Stalkers: Though they have Stealth, they remain at a sad 5+ defense. Strider and Furious make a good combination, as their primary focus is on melee. Their default weapons have both Poison and Rending, which can add to be pretty devastating. However, you can instead give double sonic blades, replacing Poison with AP 1 or a sword and gun (though you're trapped between SMG+taser sword or Carbine+energy sword). One guy can also make an attack with EMP, which makes them even more dangerous. Yet another can replace their arms with quad claws, giving them Rending. Like the Vigils, you can additionally give them Brain-Tendrils or Self-Destruct, and it might be more important for these guys since their priority should be getting up close.
  • Enslaved Gunners: These pretty much act as your destroyer cyborgs, toting Slow and a contortion cannon made for crushing heavies. While they also have the option for a variety of heavy weapons and the option to upgrade their melee weapon with either AP 2 or EMP as well as a boost to Defense, the issue with the gunners is that their singular role is to be artillery. Should an enemy prove to be more resilient to the weapon you picked out and outclasses your gunners in melee, you're pretty much screwed.
  • Brutalizer Secutors: They tote some deadly axes and...that's about it unfortunately. While Strider ensures that they won't be troubled by terrain and Tough allows them to withstand some punishment, they have little else going for them. you can buy them up to two guns each, you're trapped with either combustion blasters or miniguns.
  • Brutalizer Destructors: The better Enslaved Gunners. The improvement here is their lack of Slow and the ability to buy more guns besides the massive gun. This, alongside the options for improved weapons and 3+ Defense makes the destructors a bit closer to a well-rounded tank.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

  • Isopod Vehicle: A very lightweight vehicle by default. However, you have the option of upgrading with a twin machinegun and disruption missiles as well as a second machinegun strapped to either an energy cannon or iron cannon. This thing can do all of this AND still have the option to buy either Transport 11 (which the machine cults could never do) or Tough 12.
  • Arachnid Tank: The eraser beam gives you some good artillery that flattens light infantry. This massive gun can be replaced with either the twin P-cannon if you want to ruin enemies and laugh at their bunkers, the Icarus AA-System gives you some premier anti-air and the machinegun+neutron laser that's very high AP. On top of that, you can also buy a light machinegun for more dakka or the Repair Arm for Regeneration.
  • Tripod Walker: Your default taser whip gives you a flurry of attacks that compliment Fear. However, you can grab a selection of guns from either the machine cult's dragoon or iron walkers without issue. This can result in a monster with both a uranium sniper rifle and a laser cannon so you can hate tanks and heroes indiscriminately.
  • Carcinax Robot: Essentially a carte blanche on carnage in the shape of a walker. You NEED to buy this guy weapons because otherwise it's just going to stomp on things and that'd be pathetic, even if you bought Regeneration. Fortunately, the weapons you can pick are a pretty broad list, giving you the option for any build you desire, be it a full-melee behemoth or something with quadruple plasma cannons because fuck you.
  • Dragonfly Gunship: A pretty basic flyer with a twin machine gun. While you can buy more guns for it (standouts being the bomb rack for Blast in the air and the twin P-gun that replaces the stock guns), but the big note here is that you can buy Transport 6, making a flying transport.
  • Gorillax Titan: Your assault titan, strapped with Impact 6. While its base weapons are very intimidating, you can replace those fists with even more attacks while retaining the devastating AP 4. If you plan on shooting, then you can grab a heavy siege cannon and twin chaingun without any penalty.
  • Lamiax Titan: Be default, they're not quite as dangerous as the Gorillax, having a bit fewer attacks and only Impact 3. However, they can become shootier with dual heavy miniguns or hell autocannons, flooding the enemy with AP 2 fire. On top of this, you can also buy a twin fusion rifle for anti-tank and either light machinegun or additional fusion rifle.
  • Arachnid Titan: Considerably more expensive, but it's appropriately beefy at Tough 24. They are also the most modular titan, as their default weapons can be swapped off for a dizzying variety of guns and then buy extra guns on top of that in many ways. If you insist on staying with the default claws (or buy extra heavy claws), then you might be interested in the Centaur Legs, which grant both Fast and Impact 6 - a dangerous combination.

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