The Nomads are a faction from the Warfleets: FTL universe.

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Background Story[edit | edit source]

The Nomads are a secluded alien species that roams the galaxy without a clear origin, but instead calling their massive capital ships their home. They are extremely advanced, to the point that most of their technology is incomprehensible to any other species, giving them a big advantage in battle.

Their battle ships are very different from those of other species, and are often indistinguishable from one another. When in war they use unconventional strategies and weapons, often winning battles merely by confusing the enemy into surrender.

Nobody truly knows where the Nomads come from, and since they don’t have a home world some even believe that they might have come from a parallel universe altogether. They lead solitary lives on board their capital ships, and only ever get in contact with other species when they get in their path.

What their final destination is remains unclear, but they are not going to let anyone stop their endless journey, and they have the technology necessary to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Legendary Fleets[edit | edit source]

  • Children of the Vanished Mist - This legendary fleet is made up mostly of nomad scientist, which have been exploiting and researching nebular phenomena, almost to the point of becoming addicted.
  • The Forgotten - Long before the nomad fleets started roaming the stars, the Forgotten took off to explore the galaxy, only to get stuck in a temporal storm which propelled them into the future.
  • Mirage of the Void - The Mirage of the Void are one of the most peculiar fleets ever to exist, with countless of perfectly identical ships, which cause confusion in their enemies who can’t distinguish one from the other.

Play Style[edit | edit source]

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Miniatures[edit | edit source]

The nomads are an alien race that is mysterious and highly technologically evolved. For their ships they use wide surfaces and smooth angles, as well as generally being flat with details only in a select few spots.

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