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The Orc Marauders are a faction from the Grimdark Future universe.

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Background Story[]

Orc Marauders are large, brutish and highly aggressive aliens whose society is primarily based on war. Although they are usually treated as one enemy, Orc Marauders are actually split into hundreds of small empires which are constantly fighting against each other.

Whilst there are many sub-species of Orc Marauders found in the galaxy the most prevalent are the green-skinned orcs and the tiny goblins. These species work together as space pirates, raiding enemy forces for equipment and generally causing mayhem in the Sirius sector.

Orc Marauders excel at close combat but lack in ranged ability as most units can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Their strategy relies mostly on bringing large numbers of bodies that charge recklessly across the battlefield and overwhelm the enemy.

They might not be very intelligent, but who needs smarts when you have waves of blood hungry orcs?

Play Style[]

The orcs are an inorexable tide of axes and muscle. When you attack, you attack in force and with charges as your chief means of attack. However, this comes with some critical drawbacks: Your army sucks at shooting and isn't very durable.

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Similar To[]

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