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Why Play Ossified Undead[]

The Ossified Undead are an unrelenting tide of deathless iron.


  • Universal Regeneration
  • Some pretty strong quality values for your army


  • Very narrow unit selection
  • (Almost) Your entire army is Slow
  • Shooting is near-nonexistent

Army Special Rules[]

  • Undead: Your models all auto-pass morale checks, which is great. Instead, you need to roll a d6 for each remaining model/Tough wound in the unit; any time you roll a 1, they suffer a wound that bypasses Regeneration.

Wizard Spells[]

  • Enslave (4+): Enemy unit within 12" takes -1 to hit in melee. No better way to keep your bony boys unharmed than making them unable to get hurt.
  • Undermine (4+): One enemy unit within 12" takes 2 AP 2 hits.
  • Command (5+): One friendly unit within 12" can immediately move 6". The fact that your army is Slow just proves how invaluable this spell is.
  • Deadly Contract (5+): One enemy model within 12" takes 4 hits. While they lack AP, it's a good way to at least dent a hero or brute.
  • Drain (6+): Enemy unit within 18" takes -2 to hit in shooting. Considering how easily your army can get caught in the open, that -2 is incredibly powerful.
  • Deception (6+): Two enemy units within 6" take 6 AP 1 hits each. Way stronger than most spells like this and still able to flatten mobs.

Unit Analysis[]


  • Lord of Bones: Your most combat-ready hero, gifted with both a 3+ in quality and defense. This along with his versatility in loadout make him a pretty good contender, but he lacks any manner of shooting. His special rule is Eternal Duty, which adds +1 to hit for his attached unit. If you're looking for anything to offset their slowness, your only venue is buying a skeletal steed for Swift.
    • Melee: The lord of bones starts with a basic hand weapon and all the other options are pretty generic: dual wielding (for another three attacks), halberd (Rending), great weapon (AP 2), spear (Phalanx), and lance (Impact 1, bunt only available while mounted).

  • Bone Master: A very feeble wizard. This guy's not so cut out for combat, and its only non-casting upgrade is Fear - a joke unless you throw this guy to the front lines.
  • Bone Wizard: On the outset, you'll notice that this and the bone master are nigh-identical. Fortunately, you can buy this one a bone scythe for A3 Rending to close that gap. You can also buy Bone Shaper, which improves Regeneration for your allies and is thus incredibly useful for keeping your forces alive.


  • Guardian: Your basic troop is quite potent, with a 4+ to quality and defense on top of everything else. They also have a pretty diverse list of armaments, with the addition of the soul blade, which gives a model an AP 2 Rending attack, pretty strong for the price.
  • Horseman: A guardian on horseback, meaning that they're moving at normal speed with Impact. This comes at a rather drastic price hike, being almost the cost of two guardians. If you plan on riding hard into the Impact life, then the lance is your only option.
  • Stalker: An even crazier melee nut, dual wielding and gaining another boost with Combat Stance (each turn you pick between either +1 to hit in melee, +1 AP, or +1 to defense). This makes them more potent in melee (especially if you buy falchions for a default AP(2)), but they remain just as vulnerable, if not more so, than the mere guardian.
  • Elite Stalker: Unlike the base ones, these are very no-nonsense. All they need to get things done is a halberd and a mighty 3+ to quality and defense. This makes them more exposed to focus fire, but you can't ask for a stronger champion, especially if you leave out a lord of bones.

List Building & Tactics[]

General Advice[]

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