The Progenitors are a faction from the Warfleets: FTL universe.

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Background Story[edit | edit source]

The Progenitors are a mysterious faction of lumbering ships that seems to have arrived to the galaxy after having travelled the stars for an eternity. They are hard to classify because nobody has ever actually seen a Progenitor, and the only things that are known about them come from their cryptic communications.

Progenitor ships are hulking giants in odd geometrical shapes, made of extremely resistant materials that can’t be found in our galaxy, making them almost impervious to damage. What they lack in speed they make up for in toughness, as well as extremely deadly particle weapons.

Since so little is known about them it’s hard to discern exactly what their origins are, but they appear to have come to deliver a crucial message to all species of the galaxy. However, due to their slow nature, it would seem that this massage hasn’t been fully formed yet, which has lead to many misunderstandings.

They arrived in peace, yet sometimes still attack other factions out of the blue, so no one fully trusts the Progenitor, and that might just lead to everyone’s demise…

Legendary Fleets[edit | edit source]

  • Prismatic Bastion - Being the first progenitor fleet to be encountered, the Prismatic Bastion has been extensively studied by all species, but unfortunately nobody has been able to shed any light on what message it brings.
  • Abyssal Vanguard - The Abyssal Vanguard emerge from the darkest depths, a silent fleet that seemingly just drifts through space, never making contact with other species and avoiding all confrontation.
  • Ancient Protectors - Throughout the galaxy, all of the inhabitants of planets visited by the Ancient Protectors have mysteriously gone missing, making them one of the most feared fleets in the galaxy.

Play Style[edit | edit source]

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Miniatures[edit | edit source]

The Progenitors are an ancient race that has slow moving ships that are extremely tough. Imagine huge monoliths that are very geometrical, almost looking like a mixture between a crystal and a cube. For the texture think a sort of ancient black stone, not perfectly smooth, with space for mystical lights glowing through their fissures.

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