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Why Play Ratmen[]

The ratmen are legions. You are in command or entire hordes of piddly rats, but you will drown the enemy with these bodies. Even more convenient is that you have special forces: Sneaky assassins and plenty of guns and monsters. You can synergize between these forces to build your own armies.


  • Hordes of rats
  • Decent access to monsters and war machines.


  • Squads are quite puny in comparison.

Army Special Rules[]

Wizard Spells[]

  • Filth (4+): Target friendly unit within 12” gets Poison for their melee attacks, which is quite a potent tool when you utilize them on the hordes.
  • Cracks (4+): Target enemy model within 12” takes 2 automatic hit with AP(1). Pretty much meant to snipe out key command group elements on foes.
  • Sickness (5+): Target enemy unit within 12” gets -1 to hit next time it shoots. Considering how flimsy your troops are, you'll be wanting to protect them at any point.
  • Lightning (5+): Target enemy unit within 12” take 1 hits with Deadly(3) AP(4) each. Sadly this can't nail heroes, but it can break enemy monsters and vehicles.
  • Frenzy (6+): Target friendly unit within 12” may immediately move by up to 6”. An absolutely useful tool for getting into melee ASAP.
  • Pestilence (6+): Target enemy unit within 6” takes 6 automatic hits, making it absolutely useful for enemy mobs like goblins.

Unit Analysis[]


  • Warlord: The big rat in charge. At 3+/3+ he has the best stats the army has to offer as well as the usual choice of weapon upgrades and some firearms with Poison and a rocket launcher that provides a small blast. You can also slap Poison onto your weapons, buy a pet rat for a few extra AP(1) attacks and a tail knife made to nail heroes.
    • Mounts: Your warlord has three options for mounted combat. The gigantic rat essentially gives you a horse with some poisoned attacks. The throne gives you no speed boost, but it provides +3 to your Tough value and some extra attacks from the people carrying it. The rat ogre is your option for pure combat warlords, providing the extra Tough as well as Fear, Furious, and some menacing attacks.
  • Warlock: While slightly weaker than the Warlord (4+ quality and defense instead of 3+), providing a slightly cheaper warlord. While they can't take mounts, you can purchase the ability to cast spells with Wizard.
  • Assassin: An elite murderer, granted two poisoned weapons and Ambush, but also has the ability to deal an instant hit with Deadly(3). While this makes him at least able to deal with weak units on his own, you'll be wanting an ambushing unit to join.
  • Priest: A second, much weaker wizard in comparison to the Warlock. These guys need to focus more on casting over fighting, though you can buy paired weapons or a censer flail for Poison.
    • Mounts: The only only other hero who can buy mounts. While the gigantic rat is familiar, the giant rat ogre is far different and far more expensive. While they still get Fear and Furious, they also are given Fearless and 6 extra wounds. They also get a barrage of flamer attacks and swings, each one carrying AP(1) to rip apart enemies.
  • Rat Daemon: The absurdly expensive yet incredibly powerful monster of a hero. By default they come with a sizeable number of AP(2) attacks as well as levels in Wizard for versatility. On top of buying another level of Wizard for supreme casting, they can swap out their weapon for either a literal barrage of attacks without AP or a basic hand weapon paired with a shuriken, the major centerpiece with AP(4) on a shooting attack.


  • Slaves: Miserable wretched weaklings, made cheap so you can spam them. Can be upgraded with short ranged weapons and/or Phalanx, which can enable them to be used as cavalry deterrent by just throwing them in the path of a cavalry charge.
  • Warriors: Your average ratmen, slightly better off than the slaves with a 5+ quality and defense as well as the ability to improve their melee potential with the average list of weapons. On top of that, you can also include...
    • Weapons Teams: The heavy weapons rats, and one model is available as a hanger-on for a pack of warriors or storm troopers. By default, each comes with a gatling gun for rapid-fire at a good range. If you're planning on a purely melee hanger-on for a mob, you can swap that gun for a death ball for Impact(3) - it's next-to useless for a gang of heavy weapons rats. If you want something better-suited for heavy infantry, than you could grab the flamethrower for shorter range but AP(1). The poison mortar gives a long-ranged blast weapon with Poison, but Indirect will likely keep them at range. The only paid option is the Tunnel Drill, a weapon that grants Ambush to the unit and is thus quite handy for a surprise flanking unit.
  • Storm Troopers: Slightly more elite warriors with 4+ quality/defense and halberds for Rending. They're slightly better suited for being a melee hero's retinue and can still grab a weapons team.
  • Night Scouts: Slightly flimsier warriors with paired weapons and Scout so they can begin combat that much sooner. On top of that, they can add Stealth for protection, weighted nets to deal penalties in close combat, and Poison to maximize critical damage. For ranged weapons, you can either buy the throwing weapons or slings, with the differences between the two only being a matter of price and range.
  • Monks: A band of zealots, each carrying a poisoned censer flail and Furious to make extra use of it during the charge. If you dislike the odds associated with Poison you could instead but paired weapons. You can also buy Stealth, a necessary buff considering their lack of any other protection from guns.
  • Grenadiers: A pack of warriors carrying grenades for an Indirect shooting attack with Poison. Fortunately, they have the Expert Thrower rule, which lets them throw grenades without any penalties for moving and even lets them rush before throwing for exceptional mobility. If you plan on facing more clusters of foes, you should consider buying poison bombs for the addition of Blast.
  • Snipers: Another pack of flimsier warriors, but they carry sniper rifles with AP(1) To punch through any armor. While it's practically a given that these guys shouldn't be in battle, you can buy them pavise shields for a more respectable defense.
  • Rat Swarms: A pack of disposable rats, which is a weird thing to hear with slaves also competing for that role. However, the swarms carry Tough in order to mess with any Blast weapons and Fast to get to the enemy faster. You can also buy a rat master for Fearless, providing a slightly better morale check.
  • Giant Rats: Another chaff unit, with this one being slightly better than the swarms in combat.
  • Rat Ogres: A pack of monstrous creatures, keyed exclusively for melee. They come with some mighty AP(1) attacks and Furious to make charges even deadlier. They can also buy rat masters for Fearless, which they might need to keep together before they get into combat.
  • Storm Ogres: While looking as just costlier and heavier-armored rat ogres by default, they get even more options than their peers. Perhaps the one drawback this unit has is that every model has to take the same weapons, which can limit their roles to just one.
    • Weapons: Tunnel drill gauntlets grant Ambush, which can make them into a surprise assault unit. Shock gauntlets provide +2 AP, which makes the rat ogres better-equipped to break vehicles and heavy cavalry. Death ball gauntlets add Impact(3), which when combined with Furious makes charges with these lads absolutely nightmarish. Flamethrower gauntlets provide a decently-ranged bundle of shots at AP(1) to cull herds. The gatling guns turns them into a super-armored gunline. Poison mortar gauntlets give you a man-sized artillery option with a durable body, though Indirect will limit their positioning.

Monsters & Vehicles[]

  • Giant Rat Beast: A massive flailing mess of AP(1) attacks. While its quality is a bit poor at 4+, it's got a LOT of attacks and Fear can help it crush a unit if beats in combat. Its chief role is being the big distraction, protected by Tough(6), Regeneration and a 2+ defense, making it nigh-impossible to actually harm.
  • Death Wheel: A far more mobile battletank. This is your only vehicle with Fast, and with Impact(9), it can make its mark fairly easily on the charge. It also makes its mark by being the only vehicle that can shoot with an AP(2) lightning bolt made for damaging other vehicles.


  • Censer Chariot: A roving assault tank, protected by a 2+ defense and Tough(6). Its only means of attack is a giant censer, dumping a literal barrage of AP(2) Poison attacks that can crush hordes and monsters alike. Even monsters will need to be careful from these attacks. If you want to give more roles for this, you can buy a wizard to make this thing cast.
  • Bell Chariot: This thing has some attacks to defend itself in a fight, but its real purpose is its Unholy Bell. This gives the chariot a random boost between either a speed boost and Impact(6), the ability to grant two friendly units within 12" with an extra attack on the charge (And thus able to stack Furious units), or dealing 6 hits to two enemy units within 12". While all of these buffs are useful, the randomness does hurt. If you want, you can buy a wizard for this chariot as well and potentially help overcome 1/3 of those random options.


  • Poison Catapult: This long-range catapult has your only source of Blast(6) with Poison on top, though it will only see use against mobs with its lack of AP. Buying the poison cannon will deck that Blast to 3, but will offer a mighty AP(3) to crush cavalry and elite units.

List Building & Tactics[]

General Advice[]

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