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Robot Legions are a faction from the Grimdark Future universe.

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Background Story[]

Robot Legions are an extremely dangerous faction of androids and other destructive machines that have developed sentience and are now out to destroy all biological life forms. They are cruel and relentless in their quest, stopping at nothing.

Their warriors are heavily armed and extremely tough to destroy, being able to rise back even after being torn apart. Due to their heavy frames and complex constructions they are unable to move quickly, but that doesn’t hinder them too much.

Originally designed as helper robots by the elves, when these androids started to become sentient their creators tried to shut them down. The robots then rebelled and killed their masters, driving them off their planets.

Since then the Robot Legions have been brutally hunting down all biological life forms in the Sirius sector mercilessly…

Play Style[]

The robot legions are akin to an indomitable tide. Though each unit has Fearless and Regeneration and most of them are Slow, they will make their way over eventually. The issue then becomes making your forces effective, for otherwise you're just being a nuisance rather than being a threat.

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Similar To[]

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