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The TAO Coalition is a faction from the Grimdark Future universe.

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Background Story[]

The TAO Coalition is an interstellar military alliance between various factions. These factions all fight under the same banner and share advanced technology, making them one of the most prolific military forces in the Sirius sector.

Originally the TAO Coalition was formed between small alien empires that banded together to fight a local alien hive, but with time more and more factions joined in. By sharing their knowledge they were able to develop advanced battle suits and superior titan mecha.

Now the TAO Coalition is made up of highly advanced military factions and this is reflected in their use of ranged weaponry with no real melee capabilities. This leads them to fight much more conservatively and take an almost hunt-style approach to combat that is slow and methodical.

Individually they might not amount to much, but together they could take over the galaxy one day…

Play Style[]

You want shooting, and lots of it. While TAO melee tends to not be the best, they do have a few tricks up their sleeves, but the biggest thing they bring to the table is effective guns, vehicles, and mecha.

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Similar To[]

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