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Why Play Wood Elves?[]

The Wood Elves can be played in a variety of ways and this variety of play style can be used in two ways: either by focusing on one of these strengths or through a 'combined arms' where one side of the army enhance one side while also covering its weaknesses. Wood Elves have some of the most powerful non-artillery shooting and some decent light cavalry. Combined with the various tree-men units and some excellent Wizard options and the end result is a very flexible army. Finally, the entire army is gifted with Strider and this combine with abilities which are enhanced by being in terrain which would normally slow down other units. The end result is an extremely mobile and flexible army that can do quite a lot while having easy access to 'counter play' against whatever the enemy may bring.


  • Excellent range and ways to upgrade said ranged attacks.
  • Plentiful Wizards.
  • Powerful 'monster' units.
  • Army-wide Strider.


  • Can be costly in some aspects.
  • Non-monster units are vulnerable.
  • Monsters trade the range for melee prowess. Nearly every unit is a trade-off between either play styles.
  • No chariots or artillery.

Army Special Rules[]

  • Eagle-Eyed: Whenever this unit shoots pick either +1A or +2AP. A powerful ability that fit in well with Wood Elves being extremely flexible as the former bonus is useful against weak and numerous infantry while the latter can be used to counter the high defense of monsters and artillery.
  • Malice: Enemy units get -1 to their rolls when fighting in melee with this unit. A nonstandard way to 'tank' by making the enemy less able to hit in melee.
  • Monster Hunter: This model gets AP(+2) when fighting units with Tough(3) or higher. A dangerous monster-killing ability that does exactly what one would expect.
  • Stalk Master: The hero and his unit get +1 to melee and shooting when in difficult terrain. This ability may initially appear underwhelming but it can be extremely potent and is also very thematic. In most games and scenarios, forests, shrubs and the like are difficult terrain. Wood Elves units are completely immune to such terrain's downside from Strider and so this can be used to buff the ranged attack of units while they remain hidden in the woods. Alternatively, enemies which are trapped and slowed down by Difficult Terrain open themselves to a dangerous charge.
  • 'Special Arrows': Not a special rule with a name, but a series of upgrades available to several units and a hero. It enable all the Greatbows of a squad/the hero to be upgraded with one of the following:
    • Precision Arrows (Ignores Cover): Absolutely disgusting especially when combined with Stalk Master. Elven archers can play 'guerrilla warfare' by hiding in difficult terrain (which they ignore via Strider) and hiding behind cover which the enemy doesn't benefit, turning Cover one-sided to the elves advantage.
    • Toxic Arrows (Poison): Multiplying hits can be extremely potent against weak and lightly armored infantry.
    • Magic Arrows (Rending): Essentially turn elven archers into a ranged version of halberds.
    • Rapid-Fire Arrows (+1A): A slightly weaker yet more reliable version of Toxic Arrows.
    • Barbed Arrows (AP(+2)): A positively monstrous option, turning the simple Greatbow of elven archers into an AP3 weapon with a range of 30".

Wizard Spells[]

Unit Analysis[]


  • Forest Queen: A powerful (3+/3+) melee hero with Wizard(3). Her basic weapon has AP2 and Poison and she can be upgraded with a short range spear with Deadly for a ranged attack. On top of all this, she can be mounted on Giant Beetle mount which increase her melee attacks, makes her flying and give six additional wounds. Absolutely ridiculous as a unit but it come with the expected price tag.
  • Forest Prince: The baseline Wood Elves hero, with the usual suite of all basic melee weapon replacements (2x hand/halberd/great weapon/spear) as well as a Longbow which does not replace their melee weapon, allowing the Forest Prince to be as deadly in melee as it is at ranged combat. In addition to this, this hero can be upgraded with the Stalk Master ability as well as the various Special Arrows. Finally, it has a choice of mounts ranging from the basic Horse to the Stag as well as a Giant Eagle and Dragon, the latter two with Flying and giving increased wounds. The Forest Prince is a deceptively customizable Hero which can be geared in a variety of ways to accompany and enhance any number of Wood Elves squads.
  • Druid: A fairly basic and cost-effective Wizard with the interesting addition of having a Greatbow as a weapon upgrade, allowing him to join in the ranged attacks department, albeit without the specialized arrows. Has access to the same Horse, Stag and Eagle mount options as the Forest Prince but uniquely also has access to a Unicorn mount with improved Impact.
  • Treeman Elder: A hero version of the regular Treeman. Has Furious and claws, which can be replaced with a Great Weapon. However the real takeaway from its fairly mediocre upgrade choices compared to the Forest Prince and Druid is that it can be upgraded with Wizard(1). As its primary purpose is to accompany and support Treemen units, this offer a more durable and more physically potent alternative to the Druid to assign to Treemen squads as a frontline.
  • Revenant Elder: Stat-wise, it is superior to the Treeman Elder purely because of its improved AP and greater options. The only major difference beside that is that it has Malice instead of Furious. In addition to the same upgrade of Wizard (1) it can be upgraded with Battle Call (a must have ability for any front lines) as well as short range shooting. Both options cost the same pts-wise and really are just a matter if one prefer range over number of attacks.
    • Mounts: The revenant elder can be mounted on either a Spite Bug, turning this hero into flying light cavalry or into a Dryad Horror, which turn this hero into a monster. The Dryad Horror upgrade turn this hero into a 2+ Defense Tough (6) monster with additional attacks and Fear all the while still enabling the previously listed upgrades of Wizard/Battle Call/Ranged attacks.

Infantry & Cavalry[]

  • Treemen: Decent quality and poor defense infantry. Lack any form of weapon upgrades or replacement but have Furious.
  • Tree Revenants: Similar in stats to the regular Treemen but replace Furious with Malice. On the flipside, they do have a command group and weapon replacements which improve their AP or give them Rending.
  • Warriors: Standard infantry with all the associated upgrades, but at quality 4+ and with Strider.
  • Rangers: Elite warriors with improved quality and AP. Lack any weapon upgrades/replacement but come with the Monster Hunter ability, which make this unit absolutely destructive against anything with Tough(3) or above. Given that some armies (Eternal Warden and Ogres spring to mind) consist of almost nothing but units with Tough this can become destructive.
  • Eternals: Similar to the Ranger in stats, but with Phalanx instead of Monster Hunter. One of the few units with Phalanx that has armor piercing capabilities built-in without needing a Hero or a spell to increase its value.
  • War Dancers: High quality (3+) but abysmal Defense (6+). They have Regeneration and Stealth. They can exchange their spears for twin Hand Weapons for more offensive punch.
  • Guardians: The standard Wood Elves archer is nothing to sneer at, with a Quality of 4+ and an impressive range of 30". While vulnerable, it has access to the various 'special arrows' (see above) which can greatly improve its power (and cost) as well as change its battlefield role. Depending on its choice of arrows it can be anti-infantry or anti-heavy.
  • Scouts: Identical to the Guardians in all respect and upgrades but have Scout and Stealth. Just use these in higher point games as they are superior in every way.
  • Lone Watchers: Even more powerful than the Scouts (at Quality 3+) and with similar abilities. The difference is they lack the Special Arrows but instead have Eagle-Eyed...which is basically the ability to switch between Rapid-Fire Arrows and Barbed Arrows. They replace Scouts the same way that Scouts replace Guardians with the caveat that, in some situations, Precision/Toxic/Magic Arrows may have their use.
  • Light Cavalry: Live up to its name and function but, unlike the cavalry of other races it has Ambush and Strider. Can be upgraded into lance cavalry or into archer cavalry.
  • Deer Sisters: An unusual, javelin-based cavalry (with a range of 12" with bonus Poison) with Regeneration. Can upgrade one model to a Wizard.
  • Deer Brothers: A medium lance cavalry with Furious and Regeneration. Their quality and defense is superior to their female counterparts but they function with a different role in mind.
  • Treeman Hunters and Treeman Brutes: A versatile ogre analogue with Strider. Their main role depend on the weapon choice, with the Hunters having the choice to use either ranged weapons, a Great Weapon (for the AP) or a Scythe (for the Deadly rule). The Brutes are similar but lack an upgrade and instead have claws with A3 and AP1.
  • Hawk Riders: Flying cavalry, complete with the ever present Wood Elves option of having the option to upgrade by taking a Greatbow.


  • Giant Eagles: Similar to the Hawk Rider but with better stats at the cost of just about everything else, lacking built-in Impact or any ranged attacks. Can be upgraded with claws to increase AP or a Swoop attack which gives them back Impact.
  • Tree Giant: An absolute monster even by Giants standards. It has 3+/2+ stat line with the army-wide Strider as well as Fear, can be upgraded with a short ranged attack and most terrifying of all can be upgraded up to Wizard(2)!

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